Episode 267 “Don´t Trust Facebook”

We´re Live. Mani starts telling the guys that he´s going on a trip to Thailand and wants to spend as many time as possible there. Charles wants to take this trip, also would like to travel the world, as an experience that´s definitely going to take a lot of time.

Josh Asks the guys for some creative ideas to track facebook campaigns, he finds very limited the data that Facebook provides in order to check everything is in running smoothly or in the other case, find out where he went wrong and fix the problem.

The guys recommend various ways to this, and they all agreed on one thing, they do not trust facebook in this cases, Josh has shown that in a lot of opportunities Facebook has taken credit for the sale on many occasions, this can create flaws and it makes it really difficult to track.

Thoughts of the week

“It is always best to take sales tracking in your own hand, you can’t trust any software on this”