Episode 26 The Freaks of Data

Episode 26 The Freaks of Data

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

Ok, information freaks, you heard it here first; we are talking about the cutting-edge of technology. Josh speaks about his experience of being introduced to mixpanel.

What’s that? You absolutely need to see it for yourself: https://mixpanel.com/

I’m the fast kid on the block; I need it now: https://mixpanel.com/pricing/

~ The Data Driven Freaks at Mixpanel ~

~ The Data Driven Freaks at Mixpanel ~
The EntreProgrammers John, Derick and Josh are broadcasting to you from Hawaii, Texas and Pennsylvania; the mastermind developerneurs begin with a weather report from each state, plus John invites one of his new feathered friends to the broadcast; please apply suspension of disbelief for the occasional audio delays in the program.

Josh completes his coaching sessions with John McIntyre who demonstrated tracking with mixpanel which turned out to be a rather mind-blowing experience for the editor. “My head was ready to explode afterwards,” Josh said. So, let’s have a listen to John McIntyre, shall we?

Let’s check-out mixpanel! Wait! Entrust my information to these guys? Are you sure?

For those of you not familiar with McIntyre, this is now your opportunity to cash in on some professional advice. Here, he talks about “drop dead copy in email marketing.”

Josh is editor for SitePoint.com and considers McIntyre’s marketing podcast to be his favorite: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/drop-dead-copy/email-marketing-podcast and that speaks loud for McIntyre.

Of course, anyone would argue that information is extremely powerful. How do you get it? How do you know if it’s the right information for your project marketing? McIntyre digs into this resolution in Josh’s coaching session by showing the energy directed in mixpanel.

Speaking of good coaches, drop by http://Signalleaf.com to publish your podcast; Derick has the know how of a professional podcast and will coach you into professionalism.


With higher expectations in quality, podcast production has changed dramatically over the past 7 years and now it really pays to have a pro on your side.

Time, now, for The EntreProgrammers.