Episode 257 “Affiliate Sales & Integrated Marketing”

We´re Live. The group starts talking about affiliate sales, and how mani is helping Charles with this. Charles Has a great start on it, had a 10% click which is really good. Mani adds some cool ideas that can boost everything.
John gives a little explanation of how affiliate sales work and how many types of you can use, and the functionality of each one. Mani explains too that some of it can be confused with integrated marketing.

Charles Talks about his past experiences in sales, saying there was always money on the table that wasn’t gained or used, that he has been learning all this time that he still has a lot to learn.

Josh talks about how he is sick and has a virus and tells a funny anecdote about a new dryer that he bought. Also, tells the guys about some click funnels through Facebook that is not working very well.

Thought of the week

“You have to be really selective of the product that you want to sale, and be clear of the sheer amount of work that will be needed to take the gains”