Episode 25 Life’s Hurricanes

Episode 25 Life’s Hurricanes

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

Josh is stuck in traffic and John is stuck in a hurricane – well, sort of. The weather forecasts are blowing things out of proportion, says John and another hurricane headed his way.

The mountains will stop this one.

Josh is still tied-up in traffic with no lap top and Derick isn’t sure what to do with his career. Does this sound familiar? Have you ever felt this way? What did you do?

Derick lays it all out while getting good advice from John. Sounds like Derick has a bit of his own hurricane to tame. What would you do, if you were Derick? The EntreProgrammers always appreciate your comments.

Derick’s question should be: “What should I do with all of this talent?” He has several things going, and it’s becoming a little stressful for this EntreProgrammer to be handling all of these projects.

Is he looking in all the right places for his answers? And then they take a look at marketing. It appears that you either market yourself, or hire someone to do it for you.

Musicians have exactly the same problem – a musician and a promoter are both full-time jobs, like a programmer is to marketing.

The EntreProgrammers show how this can be done.

Go in-depth with The EntreProgrammers to help Derick solve the “I’m way too talented for my hat” dilemma. And a nice surprise shows-up at the end.

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