Episode 249 “Charm the Pants Off Anyone”

Episode 249 “Charm the Pants Off Anyone”

We’re live. Mani having some tech issues. Chuck mentions that he is 39 today. Chuck talks about being pulled over. Also, mentions that his truck was not registered and had an expired license due to medical issues. John says Chuck is lucky he did not get his car impounded for not having an up to date license and registration. Chuck talks about on-boarding a developer and show-notes writers. Mani shows and Instagram hack, a picture with his pup. 

John talks about growing his Instagram account with posting and a variety of content. John talks about his post being a mix of patterns. John shows his phone screen and is posting 6 days a week with a blog post in the mix. John continues with the strategies with self-marketing on Instagram. 

Mani asks for suggestions on running a contest King Sumo Style.  Chuck jokes about getting support from Josh. Mani says he is doing a book giveaway. EntreProgarmmers chime in with a suggestion on implementing a book giveaway. John talks about how some people like collecting books, but the never read them. John suggests a 3 to 10 book prize to generate excitement. Mani says these are for Top Social Skills books. John talks about what makes a great book gift. John suggests a bundle package on Productivity. 

Mani talks about running the campaigns. John talks about the one chance to run the campaigns and the proper way to send this to Mani’s email lists. Chuck suggest email lists. John asks what is the main propose of this giveaway. Mani and the EntreProgrammers dive deep in the topics of books to giveaway. Josh says the headlines are important. Josh says to rethink the digital requirement, and how he would hate going to the post office. 

More talks about how Mani should execute a book giveaway. Josh suggests simplicity. Chuck says he does not really like the idea of suggesting this giveaway as a social skill giveaway. Mani says this is at best on one line copy. Mani asks what would it be? John says the keyword Get Laid is the higher ranking cost per click keyword. John says Emotional Intelligence has the highest ranking. 

Josh suggests lightweight ways to test the keywords, like in a Tweet. John suggests “How to charm the pants off anyone.”  John suggests “Charisma in a box” as a title. John mentions trying to raise money for St. Jude. John talks about his experiment with his coaching slots for donations. John talks about his 8k plus donations for St. Jude. John mentions those on his big influencers and money makers. 

EntreProgrammers talk about the reason those contribute to a cause like the St. Jude fundraisers. Chuck splits at the mastermind. Mani talks about the subscriber count of his Youtube Channel. Mani talks about his “Think and Grow Rich” video on Youtube.

Thought for the Week

Josh – Imposter Syndrome from going to the small pot to the bigger pot. 

John – Appeal to the selfish motive

Mani – Appeal to self-interest