Episode 248 “Pomodoro Action”

Episode 248 “Pomodoro Action”

We are alive! John pokes fun as Mani still work on his pomodoros. Chuck jokes that he just started his Pomodoro. John maps out his week of us and shares his intense workload. Productivity to its max. John talks about having to be downtown to do a marketing meeting. Also, trying to fit all exercising in with his insane workload. John talks more about knocking out 8 Pomodoro in before 8 am. 

Chuck talks about having to be up at 4 am to get all the pomodoros in. Chuck maps out his whole week and describes how this helps him clear off things on his schedule. Chuck shares his screen, and show a document on the processes on running sev Chat TV podcasts. Chuck shares more on what he has accomplished doing these pomodoros. 

John pokes fun at Mani about the reports on practicing pomodoros. John opens up the email on the results on the pomodoros. Mani calls BS on the process because he was not getting the emails, except for Josh. EntreProgrammers discuss the email issues on the results or activity. 

Mani asks why they are not happy with Slack. Josh says they like Slack but it gets noisy with all the activity. Mani shares his screen and shows his activity. Chuck still demands to be paid. 

Chuck begins the actual show talking about the master process of the Dev Chat TV. Chuck continues to talk about a co-host who bought a video company/podcast who need production. Chuck then continues to talk about developing another arm of the Dev Chat company to do promotion and production. Chuck says this will be a kind of case study to take on this show on the Dev Chat network. Chuck talks about how getting up early sucked but, again he got a lot accomplished for his business. Chuck shares about the sales call he did and how he sees activity coming in on sponsorships for Q1. Chuck talk about shows that sell out on sponsorships in the past. 

Mani asks what is the new plan for the pomodoros. Chuck says he is going to stop at noon. John says the big problem he has is there are meeting in the morning. Mani asks if we are going to keep doing this since it is proven that it works. EntreProgrammer talk out things that get in the way for the pomodoros.  Some might have to be shifted until 2 pm. John says he thought about committing to 6 pomodoros before noon. Mani says this speed up his day. The EntreProgrammers discuss how they will be accountable to the pomodoros. Each learns they will have to tailor their practice to their needs. John gives reason to why they should be 8 per day before noon. John says they can always do more but 8 is reasonable.

EntreProgrammes talks about ways this will work for them.  Josh suggests 6 pomodoros by noon ongoing. EntreProgrammers agree to 6 by noon. Mani creates his owns terms but agrees to the team keeping him accountable. Chuck talks about his exercise and training for a marathon. EntreProgrammers joke about their exercising times and plans for the upcoming weeks.

Thoughts for the Week

John – Check your optimism   

Mani – Accountability matters 

Josh – Deadlines 

Chuck – Implementation is what matters