Episode 247 “Grind It Out”

Episode 247 “Grind It Out”

Full house today, Everyone picks on Josh about being gone and doing some Black Friday shopping. John mentions that finally sold somethings. Josh talks about the recent Plural Sight promotion. Josh talks about the new direction Plural Sight has taking since they’ve become public, in competition with Udemy. Josh continues with the promote terms with had with Plural Sight. John mentions that Josh was on full-on dick mode with the demands or the promotion. 

John mention with made about 40k this past month in sales. Josh talks about work with Plural Sight. Josh talks about other sales tactics with existing clients and partners.  John talks about the strategies they worked for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Josh talks about their lists and where sales were coming in from. 

EntreProgrammers talk about responses to emails. Josh talks about unsubscribes and more on emails. Josh talks about the membership group from a freelancer. John talks about getting an email from a guy to workout with and meetup. Mani talks about the expectations of communications via email. More talk about nasty customers via email and replying to email. Josh talks about their actual customer base and those who actually buy. Josh shares numbers on sales from the holiday weekend. John talks about getting emails from a coaching client and their services.

Chuck talks about this email list and campaign for onboarding. Chuck talks about sending invitations for chatting on Discord to listeners and hosts of the Dev Chat podcast network. Chuck talks about getting the affiliation material offers together. Chuck says with want to do an offer on Ten Ways To Learn Anything. Josh give feedback on how to implement these offer via email. John talks about a guy who did an affiliate offer using Free link . 

Mani shares that he was talking with John about creating a flagship product to generate monthly income. Mani mentions that this could be a Mastermind with a focus on books or book reading. Josh talk about how this idea could work based on how others in the industry do something similar. Chuck ask how Mani is going to test this idea. Mani talks about how he wants to get people behind the cause. 


Thoughts for the Week

John – Consistency trumps intensity

Mani –   Strategies lead to results…  

Josh – It is important not to lose sight of what you set out to do.

Chuck – Trust your gut