Episode 246 “Black Friday Tactics”

Episode 246  “Black Friday Tactics”

John and Mani start the show talking about their Black Friday sales. Mani talks about what he is choosing to put on sale. Mani talks about doing a daily deal, as John says he likes to do bundle sales. John talks about how people how still buy a bundle even if that already own apart of the product, as long as the discount is steep enough. John talks about getting a list back that Josh deleted in the past. John and Mani discuss strategies for making product sales on Black Friday or sales in general. John talks about reading about launches. John talks about the importance of the prelaunch and such steps.

Mani talks about what would be his prelaunch material. Mani says his offering is off and not working properly. Mani asks about when the Black Friday launch with suppose to close. John talks about the sales lasting throughout Cyber Monday. Mani and John talk about recent launches and sales within Simple Programmer. John talks about how this recent launch was bad and not as great as their past sales. Mani continues with the mental toughness product and how the sales were impacted on the marketing side. John continues with the numbers and sales with the cold and warm list. John talks about bringing in an outside consultant the help figure out what is wound because this should be a 100k launch. Mani thinks the product is not aligned with the audience.

Mani shares he created a department in his business call Simplification, with the focus on simplifying things. Mani talks but having one flagship product and those in the industry who offer only one flagship product. John and Mani continue to talk about price increases. Mani talks about his book club, but John talks about turning this into a mastermind group instead of 1k a month. John continues to provide ideas on building out a mastermind model. Mani goes back to how he could find a 100 dollar a month product, service or idea.

Mani asks John about his idea about a book club that looks similar to a mastermind. John asks why he would have a 100 dollar a month business while he could a 1k a month business with the book club idea. More discussion on building a book club… and other avenues that make more sense.   

Thoughts for the Week

John – An email list is not necessarily an ATM

Mani – Market research is the key component of any product