Episode 245 ” Dancing Bear”

Episode 245 ” Dancing Bear”

John and Mani start the show poking fun at Josh buying a minivan. John talks about problems with the website forms on Simple Programmer. John mentions there were some issues with the content upgrade forms.  John talks about creating opt-ins for a new guide. John talks about doing his work for Simple Programmer for the year. John talks more about the content upgrade. John says this upgrade is a 25 percent revenue increase. Mani makes suggestions with pop upgrades.  John thinks this may triple the email activity.  John talks about looking at some blog sites. John talks about running the marathon and destroyed the time.

Mani talks about buying sites and converting them into money making sites. Mani talks scalable businesses. Mani continues talking about Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins. Mani talks about other ways to increase revenue on book summaries, as well as the idea of bringing on authors. Mani talks about the idea of selling a number of books in the live session. Mani and John talk about getting an author to join in on the book club/master class. Mani gets some suggestions of authors from John.  John suggests ways to market that book club event with the author present for a live session. Mani continues with the live component with the book club. Mani asks about who they could get as the author.

Chuck joins the call midway. John suggests someone like James Clear as the book author and live session. Chuck talk about getting some big names on the Freelancer show like Dave Allen and Micheal Porter. Chuck mentions this could be a type of case study for Mani. Chuck suggests lower tier book or author. John says he will email James Clear and help. John tells Mani how they should approach the session/masterclass and book sales from the point of view of the author.

Thoughts for the Week

John – Double down.   

Chuck – Partial done is close to being done.

Mani – Try to find out how to make your business scalable