Episode 244 “We Be Roll’N”

Episode 244 “We Be Roll’N”

John opens the show and throws off Josh. John shows his new Bulldog Mindset designs. John talks about using 99 Designs. John talks about trying to find a non-gangster look for the Bulldog Mindset logo.  John talks about how he chose his logo and merchandise for the BullDog Mindset. Socks are on the list for Bulldog merchandise. John talks about making a mistake with hiring a designer/WP helper. EntreProgrammers talks about design creation and branding. John talks about hiring a pixel artist and membership for YouTube channels. John talks about the audiobook final being out. Josh shares about capital gains and opportunity zones to save on taxes.

Mani asks questions about his email sequence and how to optimize the chain of email for more impact. John gives some comical suggestions with USDA meat and such. Mani talks about the PDF downloads and how his audience is downloading them. Josh suggests ways to do email marketing. Josh talks about those making the sale on the book summaries. John and Josh talk about building trust on a product like these book summaries. Josh talks about how he does not like indoctrination campaigns. Chuck gives some suggestions based on his business. Mani asks for more about his email sequence. John goes with Mani embodies the result as a way to gain trust on the sale of the products.

Chuck talks about creating a listing for show notes and development. But no one showed up for the interview for show notes interview. John chimes in on how he would go through the process. Entreprogrammers look at the posting and make suggestions on how to weed out people with your posting. Chuck talks about the kinds of who notes he wants for the Dev Chat TV Podcast. John suggests ways to look for the right person for the job. Josh talks more about hiring and interviewing. Josh gives suggestion on hiring local.

Thoughts for the Week

John – Hire people for the jobs they are good at

Chuck – Coaches

Mani – When something is working, go hard on it   

Josh – Coaches as well