Episode 243 “Chuck and John Show”

Episode 243 “Chuck and John Show”


John and Chuck talk about Google Hangouts disappearing soon. Also, finding out ways to do the mastermind call. Chuck talks about using zoom.us for recording the podcast call. Chuck talks about using repurpose.io. Chuck talks about some marketing and email marketing for the sponsorship for the podcasts, and get help from John to execute the plan properly. Chuck talks about working with another developer to help with Podwrench. John suggests getting a sales person to sell sponsorships. Chuck talks about possible working with affiliates. Chuck talks about selling sponsorship for 50 percent off.

John talks about waking up early at 6:15 am, and creating content and materials for Bulldog Mindset, and memberships. John talks about optimizing and creating content for YouTube. John talks about getting into Real estate and invest in some building in the local area. John talks about selling his options. John mentions hiring a coach for the next marathon. John talks about people taking the Bulldog quiz. John talks about creating goals for who he wants to become in all kinds of areas. John talks about the positive return on hiring a coach for things you are lacking in, rather it is in business or health. Also some talks about the upcoming audiobook, just waiting on Amazon.

Thoughts for the Week!

John – Use Coaches

Chuck – Productive procrastination