Episode 242 “Dumb Blind Persistence”

Episode 242 “Dumb Blind Persistence”


We’re Live! John mentions having to hop off soon. John mentions that Josh is not on the podcast because he was not happy with the result they have been getting with the membership drive. John sarcastically says people don’t want him back because no one is signing up for memberships. 


John talks about kicking some ass as he is back to work. John gives a rundown on the things he has accomplished over the week. Mostly get stuff ready for the Bulldog Mindset materials. John says Bulldog Mindset is looking good. Also some good numbers on the quiz. 


Chuck asks about launching content under the Bulldog Mindset brand. John talks about reopening the Simple Programmer website and other things that allow them to market the new products and services. John talks about hiring a pixel artist to create emojis and badges for the members. John talks about waiting on the new podcast to get approved and the ACX book. 


Mani shares that he was working on automation and clean up things. Chuck shares how he is working with Zapier and other tools. Mani asks about Chucks email list. Chuck talks about setting up and figuring out what to do for his lead magnets. Chuck and John talk about the Affiliate Gauntlet. Mani and Chuck talk about selling products to his list. 


Mani suggests using his list to sell products. John asks about the size of Chuck’s email list. John further explains the Affiliate Gauntlet. Chuck says he hired a developer to help build out Podwrench, to speed up the process. Chuck share his ideas about a course to teach people to get started with Rails. Chuck talks about creating a program along the lines of Developer Freedom. 


Chuck talk about creating a subscription program that will teach developer to get into Developer Freedom. John says these ideas might be another brand and business. Chuck says all these plans are going to go under the DevRev brand. John says that Chuck needs to get the podcast production to run without him. Chuck talks about hiring someone to sell Podwrench once it is done. 


Chuck talks about freeing things up so he can focus on Podwrench. Chuck says is a very excited about his work so far. Mani asks why he is excited about the new found excitement. John says since he has made the jump to get back to work he is excited too. John shares that he is reading the book “How to Kill a Hydra.”


John continues to talk about the proving yourself phase that he learn from the book. Chuck talks about how he has changed and how the things he wants has now changed. Mani continues with mocking around with the Automation topic. John talks about tweaking things and how he does things one YouTube to increase in other areas. Small tweaks everywhere leads to Huge impacts. 


Mani and John talk about the effectiveness of emails and data to capture more values. Mani says email automation is the big scary monster. Johns says some of the most profitable things he has ever done, he did in an afternoon. 


Mani talks about those who write a new email sequence every time. John says it is dumb blind persistence. John talk about the biggest losers in life are the people in the Menza Meetings. They don’t apply themselves, John says. 


Mani says when you start to expect things to get easier, you are fucked.  John says that 10X Rule is a good book. More talks about automation. 

Thoughts for the Week! 

Mani – Expect it to be 10X harder 

John – Find evidence of why you suck and not a badass

Chuck – Figure out why you are doing it