Episode 240 “Lazy Bulldog”

Episode 240 “Lazy Bulldog”


We’re Live. John talks about Google Hangouts going away. Chuck suggest moving to Zoom for recordings and live streaming. John talks about being back at it. John says he is going to be a bit more involved with projects at Simple Programmer and reviving the old Simple Programmer youtube channel. Mani ask is a podcast would be useful for this next step. John and Josh say that there is a podcast with all this. John talks about getting back to Pomodoros and back to doing work. John shares some info on book sales and launch info. John talks about the review of the F-word used in his book on Amazon. John says to Bulldog Mindsetwebs is now up.


John talks about getting traffic for the book and website quiz on Are You a Bulldog. John talks about the impressions and emails he collected from the quiz. John shares more on the terms of the kinds of bulldogs on of the quiz. John talks about his email strategy for the Bulldog Mindset campaign for coaching. Mani asks questions about the emails base membership levels. Johns talks about segmenting the email list and how he is targeting the audience.  John talks about the Drip integrations and support for their needs.


John shares about hitting the pain points for what the Bulldog Mindset is about. John talks about the how he is sharing about the BullDog Mindset. John talks about the tasks of creating and shoot videos and podcasts. John talks about toying with the idea of a Youtube Bulldog Mindset membership. Mani asks about Patreon. John says he is done with Patreon. John says he will work on this Bulldog Mindset stuff and help his boss John with Simple Programmer.


John talks about the tuff job of putting out a course and battling free information on the web. John says this is curated information tailored for those who want it. Mani asks if he was getting replies to the Simple Programmer emails since he was back working. John mentions looking into other people’s courses like Gary V. And others to get several ideas for streams of content and products. John says he now might have to record at least one video a day.


Mani ask Josh about what he is going to do since he got John back as his employee. Josh share his plans for the next four months. Josh about creating themes for these next few months as a way to be productive and max out the time with John. Josh share about a members-only webinar. Mani talks about the tip jar on Youtube that John uses when he takes off his shirt. Josh talks about doing Mani’s book topics for Cyber Monday. Josh talks about membership drive and webinars for the Cyber Monday. EntreProgrammers general talks about setting up product sales for the upcoming holiday sales.


Josh talks about John leaving Simple Programmer made him a scarce commodity. But now he is back for a time, they can promote with better confidence for the next coming memberships and products. Mani suggests checking the Asian Efficiency website. John joking about making a website called anglo efficiency. John jokes about the Red-headed model on the Asian website.  Mani says they have 3 great components. Josh talks about his hopes for the rotation of these themes.


Chuck ask about where people signup for membership. Josh says this is done via WooCommerce. EntreProgrammers discuss Thrive Cart. John talks about what he learned from VidCon. Mani talks about VidSummit, and how Gary V does not talks about SnapChat anymore. Mani talks about what he learned form VidSummit and Gary V. Mani share what he heard from the summit and Gary V about emails and reaching out. John talks about the Barbell strategy and investing for a guaranteed return and investing in high yield risky investment with 10 percent. John talks about being prolific on YouTube and grow your audience. Mani and John talk about the strategy of Prolific content and time for growth.


Chuck asks about how he has a couple of people who are interested in selling sponsorship for him. But he is worried about how to pay him. Mani says commission only. John asks if you get the best salesmen if you do commission only. John mentions to watch out for those who don’t care about working for commission, because there is a chance of getting high quality or shitty salesmen. Chuck mentions that the two interested people are his neighbor and brother. John says hell no, those are in the group of people you don’t do business with.   John says Chet Holmes’ book Ultimate Sales Machinesuggest not hiring only one salesperson for sales, there should be hired in pairs to compete.


Mani asks about the number of total sponsorship availability for the year. Chuck says about 600K. John suggests going to Best Buy to find salespeople as a joke. Josh again going to the Ultimate Sales Machine for more knowledge for sales. Chuck ask about how to do his renewals for a salesman. Chuck leaves the call to interview someone. Mani shares about book discussions. Mani talks about summaries and how he likes the format. Josh talks about writing a script with Jason for webinars.


Chuck returns. Mani shares more about getting help with recording the summaries to make them more interesting, rather than doing solo recordings. EntreProgrammers talks about how Mani should hire someone who is interested in doing these reviews without much or no pay. Josh gives suggestions about how to do the book report with another person or audience member. John suggests dropping some breadcrumbs on the possibility of payment for work is the business continues to grow.


John talks about how he hired their writer for the Bulldog book. Chuck chimes in with hiring someone to take the task off his plate. Chuck talks about the quality of product and vision for a good hire to help move the business forward. More talks about scaling business and spokespersons. Chuck ask about stopping the hosting role on some of the podcasts… Josh says that would be a good question for next week.

Thoughts for the Week 

Chuck – Nothing is for free. Prioritize.

Mani – You need more at-bats

John – Kicking ass is the cure for a lot of things