Episode 24 Rewrite Sales Page

Episode 24 Rewrite Sales Page

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

Josh gets into some serious writing techniques in another coaching call with John McIntyre. He is assigned the rewriting of his sales page.

Josh recalls “struggling” with putting together a “decent sales page for my book.” He explains in-depth how his writing comes together with information from his surveys.

So, let’s have a listen to John McIntyre, shall we? He talks about “drop dead copy in email marketing.” Josh is editor for SitePoint.com and considers McIntyre’s podcast to be his favorite: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/drop-dead-copy/email-marketing-podcast

Because information for his book was derived from mostly his blog posts, Josh said that initially he was having trouble establishing “what need I’m trying to meet with it.”

He points out appreciation for having the survey data to better his writing approach for his sales page. “…showed me what people are looking for,” he said.

Josh was a little “bummed” when first receiving his survey information, but things quickly turned around for this writer. He read the information 3 times.

“And then the third time through, it was really weird, like, phrases started to pop-out to me,” he said. Once again, writing solutions are provided by The EntreProgrammers who share it all with you.

What’s this? Josh has been having so much success in his email marketing strategies that he actually gets a “warning” for Mail Chimps management. He gives all the details in this episode.

Derick, experimenting with live podcast-style broadcasting, gives his comments from a hipster coffee house playing live jazz in the background.

John recommends that Derick should talk in a 5-10 jazz beat to make complete all analysis in his hipster-style presentation – as in coffee with the beatnik culture?…well, maybe.

John remains in California, soon headed for 2 months in “the islands” with his family.

Never fear that different locations across the globe will ever alter the regular broadcasts of The EntreProgrammers Podcast. John will be broadcasting from Hawaii, Josh Pennsylvania, and Derick Texas.

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