Episode 239 “I’m a Unique Snowflake”

Episode 239 “I’m a Unique Snowflake”


We’re Live! John is finally back home. EntreProgrammer talks about returning home from travels. John says he is done traveling until the Marathon in La Vegas in November. Chuck suggest to John doing an Ultra Marathon. John says depending on how he feels this might be his last marathon. John talks about hiring a marathon coach to help get under a 4-hour marathon run.


Charles asks for business advice after speaking with his coach. Chuck gives a rundown on the task assigned to himself after consulting with his business coach. Chuck says he is halfway done with the book. But his coach wants him to work on acquiring more sponsors. So the book might be put on the back burner until Chuck has more time. Chuck says he might refund the sales on the course. This will allow him to get Podwrench done though.


John asks what task on the schedule will allow him more time. Chuck says Podwrench. John says to weigh out what task will get done sooner. The book? Podwrench? Chuck thinks that dropping all other tasks and focusing on the book might take a month. But he never done it before so the timing is up in the air. Chuck thinks he might have to put off the book. Josh suggest finding someone to help write the book.


Mani asks Chuck about the numbers on traffic and building the email lists. Josh talk about the tasks and logistics for launching a book. Chuck decides to refund on the book and finish Podwrench. John suggests a refund or apply the funds to a conference.


Josh talks more about webinars and courses sales. Mani talks about the challenges of selling the course. Josh comments about the use of paid traffic. EntreProgrammers talks about marketing and other kinds of strategies to sell courses and or products. Josh talks about developing content with Jason. Mani and Josh continue to discuss pitching courses via live streams. Mani talks about the responses on doing live streams.


Mani shares more about his recent strategy on answering questions on a live stream. Josh shares how people wait out prices on Udemy. More talk from the EntreProgrammers about the price on products such as book and courses. Josh talks about building a course around the Complete Guide for Software Developer, as a 12-month program.  Mani talks about the change in the pricing model for Podcaster’s Paradise by John Lee Dumas. Josh talks about courses on their network that do not have John apart of the project.


John talks about ranking on Google and how traffic works to sell products. Chuck interjects with more questions on things that involve making a sale. Chuck talks about trying something different. Mani talks about how these are based on marketing theory and numbers. Josh says he knows what the levers are in the range and strategy of marketing products. Chuck suggest walking down a different road and trying different things for their marketing strategy. Josh talks about marketing in a lousy market.


Mani talks about the Microblading market and courses. Josh says testing takes 2-3 months to figure out what is working. Josh talks about the need to Paid Traffic. Josh talks about the handheld community. EntreProgrammers continue to talks about marketing a content base product. Josh talks about selling a mock interview courses.


EntreProgrammers continue to talk about how the course package was presented. Mani talks about the recording products over live presented products.  Josh talks about needing Facebook to market. Mani says running Facebook traffic is another kind of beast. Mani talks about the amount of work Josh is doing and burning through their own list. EntreProgrammers talks about the percentage cut John took as he was making videos for Plural Sight.


John talks about the warped view of money. More talks about selling courses for clients. John talks about about getting a free box of snacks, and considering the value. John refers back to a rip off of a course from a past client. John explains they are selling the outcome of the course. Chuck exists the podcasts. EntreProgrammers continues discussing that Udemy effect and the value of the course.


Josh talks about how videos courses became commoditzied like books over the past decades. John talks about the getting the offer to the right people in their marking strategies. Mani ask about banner ads on the websites. Mani ask about how many clicks do they get on the banner ads. Josh talks about all the test and conversion they did.


Mani ask about driving traffic to the opt-in. Josh continues with testing remarking….

Thoughts for the week!

Josh – Test before you test..  

John – It is about what you become after the process

Mani –   Simple wins. Complicated does not scale.