Episode 238 “Eat the Bear”

Episode 238 “Eat the Bear”


We’re Live. Chuck coming in from the Frameworks Summit in Park City Utah. Chuck gives a fun down of the various core teams and technologies being discussed at the Summit. Chuck talks about networking and meeting with previous guests on the podcasts show on Dev Chat TV. Chuck talks about being in Orlando last week and being productive.


Josh asked about the pre-sale on the book. Chuck about selling 16 copies of the book. Mani gives suggestions on what he would have done. Mani was concern about the book sales verses the course sales. Mani and Josh talk about the offers and ways to execute the sales success. Mani asks more about the emails and links for the landing page.


Josh and Mani talk about the analytics and the actions people were taking when they visited the landing page.  Mani and Josh continue with their opinions about the next steps on how to successfully complete the sales. Mani thinks there is too much information on the page. Mani mentions that the carts have to be optimized a bit more. Mani suggests losing the navigation on the shopping cart.


Both Mani and Josh show their add to cart features and show how it works. Mani asks about cart abandon rate for Simple Programmer. Chuck asked if there is a list of numbers of analytics on cart abandonment. Josh talks about the different carts he has used in the past. More talk about carts and sales between Mani and Josh.


Chuck says his plan is to sell the book on Amazon and let the book drive sales to the course. Chuck says this process is helping him learn about pricing, carts, and marketing his product in general. More talk about trial and error.


Josh and Mani discuss the launch numbers. Mani makes some guess based on a few numbers Josh provides.  Josh says $199 on the live 3 week course, 80k emails sent out. Mani makes some great guesses on the out rate and clicks. Josh says there were no prices mentioned in the email. Mani settles on 100 sales. Josh says he only got 40 sales. Mani says with that rate, Simple Programmer should start selling book summaries. Mani and Josh continue with ideas on the live sale.


Josh talks about how the high price course model is dead. Also a bit on the overall take on the products since John is not teaching the courses or feature on the product. Josh says no one. Is willing to pay over 200 dollars for any course anymore. More on price declining on the course.


Josh talks about tactics with Interview Cake. Josh talks about caps on promotions as in their take.  Josh continues to talk about John lasting impact from leaving Simple Programmer. Josh talks about a slow decline of audience and engagement.


Josh talks about promoting more than a few products. Mani talks about Robert Farrington and his email courses and affiliate courses. Mani mention pushing things down the route of the Simple Programmer community that may help. Chuck mentions that Josh should clarify what he is trying to transition too as the manager of the business. More talks about Interview Cake. Chuck chimes in with telling people where he wants to take them.


John shows up with no shirt.  Chuck suggests ways to look and execute Josh’s vision for the future of Simple Programmer. Chuck thinks a John had a vision of what people wanted. Mani suggests that John should talk rather than talking on his behalf. Josh gives his numbers to John base on the launch on his part. John talks about the economy and talks job market at the present moment. John talks about the immediate situation of the economy and what people need.


Chuck talks more about making a connection with the audience with John’s direction. Mani talks about the growing pains and void of personality. John talks about the sales on the membership. Josh shares on how it is flat based on the email list. Chuck leaves the podcast called. John talks about those who need the resources like Interview Cake.


John says Chuck is probably right about how people associated Simple Programmer as a company that helps people find ways to improve their life a programmer or developer. Mani talks about how he gets emails about John’s Soft Skill program or book. Josh talks about doing a launch on a type of reading club. Mani says excuse me, you thought of that.


Josh says he is surprised by the grown of the Simple Programmer company. John talks about the staple of the company. John talks about doing a Complete Software Developer Career Guide in the near future. John talks about doing videos and such. Josh says for the foreseeable future is the only idea he is wanting to launch at the moment. Mani suggests a membership or community with this title.


Josh talks about what he thinks Simple Programmer is as John the face of the company compared to who he is and is about.  So he is seeing an underline issue if it is not there. John talks about the things Josh has started to do, and follow the path as an entrepreneur with an extreme talent.  So Josh is fit to take the company to the next level. John shares more on the influence he has had on the Simple Programmer mission with Jason Humphrey.


John talks about the Dave Ramsey dinner or gets together. John talks about how if you develop the smarts to become a successful entrepreneur. Mani asks about the value entailed to find the level John is talking about.


Mani asks John to run a list to begin the process. John says it is a way to promote yourself and self development. Mani asks this is a way to replicate John.  John talks about ways to co-write idea to appeal to people to improve their lives.

More talk about the Career Guide” sales and greatness. John talks about the values of the message. Josh talks about testing this out. John suggests a free webinar about Simple Programmer is about, including what Mani has to say. Mani is blown away with what John says about Teaching Programmers that They Can Be More. Mani talks about John be the move without being the face of it.


More talks about the movement. Mani suggests talks about the course once a week. Josh talks about a general discussion. Josh surest following the Soft Skill guide. Josh joke about the OMAD diet. John reinforces Josh’s confidence that he is still doing a great job with Simple Programmer.


John talks about the values of the company and how Josh values all those things. John says that BlueHost is willing to help them with websites and marketing for their customers because that is where self-marketing being, a website. More talks about meeting people on John’s visit to.

Thoughts for the Week!

Mani – Going back to the purpose or why…

John –  Stay the course.

Josh –  Sometimes you eat the bear, Sometimes the bear eats you