Episode 234 “Mistakes and Moving Sites”

Episode 234 “Mistakes and Moving Sites”


We’re live. I believe. Josh talks about getting emails from Chuck. Chuck mentions going back to shaving his head. Also, Chuck mentions that things are getting better and is very busy. Chuck talks about how his WooCommerce was not working for him. So no sales for the pre-sale on his new book. Chuck talks about more issues with the commerce site. But immediately sell 5 books as soon as it was set up.


Chuck talks about extending the deadline on the pre-sale since there were issues with the site. Mani asks about open and click-thru rates for emails and other marketing tactics. Mani asks more about the email open analytics. Josh mentions that he might be better off looking at the Google analytics. Chuck says he is matching peoples expectations on the price. Chuck mentions learning a lot from this launch and being able to do better next time around.


Chuck mentions other simple mistakes he made like not sending people to the landing page form the e-commerce site. Josh says welcome to the club of marketing and e-commerce mistakes. Josh talk about all the moving parts of shopping carts and WooCommerce. Chuck talk more about the issues with his shopping cart and web page.


EntreProgrammers talk about mistakes with marketing and more simple mistakes on top of it all. Chuck talks about focusing on having his business run without being involved. So no recording podcast with the other hosts or panelist on Dev Chat TV. Chuck mentions that he needs to have more of a presence on YouTube to help the traffic on the podcasts.


Chuck talks about possibly releasing the podcasts as video on Youtube. Also, some talks about getting the podcasts on Spotify. Chuck says that he does not like certain podcasts hosting sites. Mani talks about moving his website to a different hosting site like Liquid Web. Josh talks about being on a custom Digital Ocean system. Mani asks about using Simple Programmers web guy for help.


Mani talks about moving his content around on his website for 2000 Books. Mani talks about getting some help moving his web content without ruining the activity and other stuff. Chuck asks about why rebranding from 2000 Books to 10X Books. Josh suggest not doing this all at once. Josh suggest cleaning up the site, moving to a new host, and working on the domain name as a safe way to move the site. Josh and Mani talk about making the transition smoother along with not ruin the Google traffic.


Chuck suggests creating another site or duplicating the site them running both before taking down the older. Josh asked about DNS and other things to think about website directing. Josh suggest setting up the DNS. Josh talks about Simple Programmer traffic and website information.


More talks about indexing and redirecting. Josh talks about changing EngineX and rolling back sites. Mani says he feels more comfortable hiring someone to do this for him. Mani asks if they know anyone who could help him. Mani says he thinks he knows who he wants to hire.


Josh suggests asking about the migration services and waiting to change the domain last. EntreProgrammers talks about growing out their websites. Manis asks about Josh’s selling of the memberships and course sales. Josh talks about testing and issues with Zappier.


Josh talks more about issues and getting help from Podia. Josh talks about activity with the memberships. Josh talks about more plans with the community and memberships. Josh talks about the how he had to change the name of the community.


Josh and Mani discuss the thing they did that could have made the launch more successful. Chuck talks about doing something similar. Josh talks about the types of groups that they could sell membership or subscription too. Josh suggest to Chuck to start a community around the course Chuck is creating.


Josh talks about selling automated products and prices. Mani asks about Chuck course and possible membership group.

Thoughts for the Week

Chuck – Focus

Josh – Let go of things that you can have someone else do

Mani – Products make you money, system make you a fortune