Episode 233 “Free Slurpee Coupons!”

Episode 233 “Free Slurpee Coupons!”



We’re live. John in progress talks about a 15 person meet up in Barcelona. John mentions the numbers he gets on engagement on Instagram. John says the engagement numbers are better than email. John says that he is basically doing an email via Instagram.


Josh talks about selling sponsorship for spots on Simple Programmer. Josh mentions that the spots were filled immediately. Josh continues to talks about the membership stuff in Simple Programmer.


Josh and Mani talk about the course, How To Market Yourself, and how they are working out the marketing material. Josh continues to discuss the community and courses he is helping market with a client. Josh talks about his launch is for next month.


Mani asks if they are getting a discount from Plural Sight. Josh talks about doing a test for another client’s product marketing. Josh continues to talk about the strategies he learned to get the marketing strategies on point. Josh talks about working with pop-ups. Josh talks about testing the opt-in rates. Mani asks about testing with  Two Step Carts. Josh mentions that Podio does the same thing.


Josh talks about cart abandonment and how their system works at the checkout. John talks about how million dollar companies are able to hire people to do all their testing. Mani suggests that how retargeting could work, but Josh should hire someone to hire someone to do it for him.


Mani and Josh continue to talks about their strategies for marketing, and outsourcing. Josh mentions using banners as something different in marketing. Mani and Josh go back and forth on testing and marking emails. More marketing and email discussion.


Josh talks about using a timer with the banner. Mani shares a story about a marketing strategy with coupons and collecting emails to build a list and get more sales. Josh talks about using a wait list page and filling out forms for membership. John talks about the psychological effect of coupons.


The EntreProgrammers continues to discuss the using coupons. Josh says he may segment the new coupon idea geographically. Josh talks about the new Asia subscribers and traffic form the email list in the US and other counties. Josh talks about the unopened email form those in Asia. Josh says the US subscribers have twice the engagement after that fully subscribe.


Mani shares some comedy relief from a comedian who talks about negotiation between the different nationalities. Charles mentions having a great week and has written 6,000 words on this book, and is up for pre-sale. Chuck mentions that the book should be complete soon. John talks about helping Chuck with the information he needs to launch on Amazon. Chuck mentions doing a self-publish on Amazon.


Josh and John give Chuck some pointers on how to launch directly and on Amazon. Chuck talk about implementing an opt-in page along with the book. John gives the rundown about how to launch from book, Kindle, to audio. Johns says this is a great way to not compete with yourself on Amazon. John says the order should be a printed book first, Kindle, then audio with extra content with a relaunch between each format.


The EntreProgrammer give their best ideas to Chuck to have a successful book launch. John and Mani discuss that the book launch in the first format should be hardcover and softcover later. John says the Kindle book will hurt the printed version because of the price.


Chuck says the book form him is apart of a course and should be relaunched multiple times with each format. Chuck says he is very interested in raking and build his product offerings.

Thoughts for the Week

John – Pick the difficult path

Chuck – Your vision is going to change…

Josh – Scarcity is everything

Mani – You have to walk the path of complexity, to get to simplicity