Episode 231 “Pay in Chucks”

Episode 231 “Pay in Chucks”

We are Live! John coming to us from Barcelona. Chuck suggest ordering a Topas. Chuck talks about numbers dropping because on the IAB Tracking system for podcasts. Chuck gives info on how Apple podcasts app relay tracking to host systems. Chuck mentions this due to what the sponsor Digital Ocean was expecting, but the tracking had changed since iOS 11.

John says that Chuck should not change the pricing according to the new tracking system. Chuck asked if should steer away from the gold standard as far as pricing goes. John suggests not to put if you foot in your mouth. Also some talk around keeping prices constant according to traffic. Chuck says the sponsors pay based on traffic. Chuck said he wants to deal straight.

John says he would not say anything on lowering prices base on the changes. Chuck said he will put the rates on podwrench.com. Josh says that Chuck should ramp up on offering additional value. Chuck says he might do something like showing how to use the sponsor product as a bonus. John talks about be forthcoming and how that can hurt you. Josh talks about what they are promised and what they’re getting.

Josh says this is based on what was happening historically. The number of downloads do not correspond to the numbers in traffic. Josh mentions asking for their numbers or using some sort of tracking to figure the actual numbers. John says if you are getting paid on conversations then he should charge more. John gives some examples of their affiliate on Bluehost since they are controlling the funnel.

Chuck says a lot of sponsors want to spend the money to feel better because they feel like they are doing something. Chuck talks about KendalUi\I and how they are getting value out of sponsoring DevChat TV. John says we live in a bubble of people tracking conversations. Josh makes a funny correlation to casinos and sponsorships conversations.

Mani pops into the mastermind, immediately the topic switches to Facebook Ads. Chuck talk about his open rate and click thru rate on a recent email. John, Josh, and Mani talk about still getting emails for Traffic and Conversion event after unsubscribing. Mani talks about emailing for a long time, and warming up the audience. Mani talks about how people are so afraid of emailing the list.

Mani mentions talking to Jason Hartman, about emailing a list. Mani says even he could write an email to sell his products. Chuck talk out thinking about run ads to Facebook. Mani talks about running the email promotion to Josh’s email lists. Mani talks about starting a campaign for his promotion. Mani continues to talk about getting 7 dollars per customer list.

Mani talks about learning to campaign with real money burning. Mani says that the costs for marketing is the prices of repetition. Mani talks about the money he spends to see what would happen. More discussion about the marketing strategies and behavior of the audience. John says this makes the Facebook marketing strategies profitable with the re-marketing.

Josh talks about remarking and how it works. Mani talks about how this was a learning experience and how they could run ads to Facebook if the wanted too. John mentions the book, Thinking in Bets. Which is about putting money on the line. Mani said he could not do his ad spend right away on Facebook. John mentions that Instagram might be the future of advertisement. Josh mentions that Facebook is losing their hold on advertisements.

John mentions the engagement on posting a picture on Instagram. More talk on rerunning ads on Facebook. John talks about ads from a supermarket. More talks on email emails and marketing.

John talks about doing a contest among themselves. Josh talks about more how sending more emails verses bringing in more money.

Thoughts for the Week!

Josh – Curiosity is powerful! Confusion is the death of the sale.
Mani – The learning happens when you are forced to deliver results
John – Content is King!
Chuck – My phone is my work avoidance