Episode 230 “You Don’t Need Underwear…”

Episode 230 “You Don’t Need Underwear…”

We’re Live! Josh is moved and partially unpacked in his new home. 3X the work he expected. EntreProgrammers discuss the trail of moving. Josh talks about how did not get anything done during the move. Josh talks about trying to move with children in the house. Mani talks about minimizing the things you own.

Chuck compared Josh’s move to life lessons he learned about stuff you have to do, and the extra stuff you did not know you had to do. Josh says the stuff they moved was sentimental materials. Move talk about sorting through your belongings, your business, and life in general.

Mani asks if their emails for their re-run on the 10X Productivity course is going to launch again. Josh talk about the up sale that Mani has in place for the product. Josh and Mani talk about the new variables in the product since Josh and Mani are doing this without John. Josh says he is going to do 4 email for this promotion.

Mani talks about the upsell products that are apart of the promotion. Josh and Mani mention that is 29 dollar promotion for a couple of the products. Josh and Mani discuss raising prices where they can. Mani mentions why he is doing these crazy tests, and he looks at the EPC numbers. Mani asks the bump should be higher or lower. Lower is probably best according to Josh.

Josh continues the discuss the actions and plan around the past promotion he has done with Mani. Mani says there is nothing like being in front of the right people at the right time. Mani asks if this list is going to be on a different list. Josh says this list is some 37K people.

Mani asks about the difference between the Simple Programmer and Sublime list. Josh and Chuck talk about having to lock their office doors to keep the kids out of the office. Chuck talk about being frustrated with not being able to get work done.

Chuck talks about the problems of trying to sell his parents house. Chuck share more about his idea to write his book on release on labor day. Chuck talks about his ideas to write 1500 words per day for the book. The book pre-sale is at devchat.tv/shop. The course and book are at 50% off for now on pre-sale.

Mani and Josh talk to Chuck about ideas on how to pitch the book and course to Chuck’s list. Josh suggest going to the audience and doing a webinar to figure out what the need.

Josh talks about a customer who bought a 10 dollar course on Udemy. Chuck talks about sending out emails and doing a webinar later this week to pitch the book and course. Mani talks about sending a non-sales email about creating excitement for the products. Josh asks how he is delivering the course content. Chuck says he is using WP courseware on Woocommerce.

Chuck talks about finding a plugin for woo commerce to help thank your customers. Chuck talks about other ways he is using the Thank You page.

Thoughts for the Week!

Mani – Commitments or Pre-Commitments
Chuck – Killing Procrastination
Josh – Getting an assistant