Episode 23 SouthWest Nightmare

Episode 23 SouthWest Nightmare

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

John’s plane, finally getting ready for takeoff, showed another delay in flight plans when the Captain left the bridge; shivers down your backbone when you find out why.

Derick is getting enormous response on ideas developing Signalleaf…and where did the name Signalleaf come from? Ask Derick to share the answer. He shares a little family history about the room he’s in, his father’s office in Kansas which used to be a …

Many friends of The EntreProgrammers Podcast have listened to all 22 episodes (now 23) and there are some who listen to an episode more than once.

And when you do a mathematical projection, the number of loyal friends turn-out to be quite nice for The EntreProgrammers – here to help you anyway they can.

So, who has the highest numbers John, Derick or Josh? They show the focus not to be numbers; the focus is you.

Speaking of mathematical computations, Josh jumps in with staggering numbers that he has been working with this past week – numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

A rather interesting point comes-up: Should I do away with my list and create another; or, should I forge ahead with the one I’m currently using? The EntreProgrammers have the solution.

How do you juggle the mix? Advice from John and Derick on how to produce a video that promotes your product in high quality helps Josh find solutions. A great place to start: have a good editor.

Give your Podcast a nice place to live – Signalleaf.com. Thanks for listening.