Episode 223 “Home Improvement?”

Episode 223 “Home Improvement?”


Josh is currently in Ireland. Chuck mentions that John forced Josh to retire. Also, some talk about the climbing stock of Plural Sight Stock, and how other are wishing the bought when the prices were low. 


Chuck talks about mentioning to his cohost that he was not going to host with them for a few weeks. Chuck mentions putting to use the extra time to reach out to sponsors and getting some leads. Main talks about persistence at its max, and how to strategically leverage your persistence. 


Mani talks about open and unopened emails with email marketing. It does not necessarily mean that they are not listening. John mentions Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes . Mani mentions how the recent launch went for himself and John. Mani speaks about the meditation product and the price point. Mani talks about how John sells on Youtube. 


Mani talks about going into sales pitches in a very careful manner, so it does not look like a money grab. Mani continues with selling out youtube. 


Chuck talks about the placement of the marketing pitch on youtube videos, and the strategics on giving a proper offer. Chuck talks about the body language the relays via the videos during a pitch. Mani says there is nothing wrong with giving a pitch.  Mani talks about how sleazy is easy to see on the video. Some talks about Alph M Channel on selling. 


John talks about his ideas and strategies for completing a pitch. Mani talks about how they’ve learned a lot with this last launch. Chuck says that if John was talking more about Meditation on his channel sales might have been better for him. Mani talks about his strategy for connecting the feeds of the two videos created by himself and John. Mani talks about doing priming and creating pre-content. John says he would change the price point of the product. 


Mani talks about thinking about you pitch when making a product on Youtube. John talks about being contacted for a casting director to a home improvement channel and want him for a host. John says he is going to do a demo reel and if get the gig he will be a host on a home improvement show. Chuck says they will be famous by association. 


Josh and the EntreProgrammers mention that this home improvement show might similar and base on Air BnB type homes. Mani says after this, John could sell anything on Youtube if this goes through. John talks about hitting on the elements of urgency. More talk about clicks and pitches. 


Mani says he cannot wait for John to sale like Alph M channel. John says he like SAX brand for underwear. John says he decided to undertake a new book “Bulldog Mindset.” John says he is working on a book proposal for his agent. Johns says he has all the outlines and all he has to do is write. Chuck ask about his workflow for prepping for the book. John says this book is going to be 80,000 words. John talks about the pricing and pricing of creating a book. John says writing smaller book to keep production cost down to make money. 


Mani asks about the process for John’s next book as far as writing. John say he is going to focus on the manuscripts and proposal. Mani talks about how the Cast Director is probably looking for his personality. John reads the email he got form CBMC. Mani suggests the John should go to Best Buy to buy a camera holder before his interview with CMBC. 

Thoughts for the Week 

Chuck – If you need time, take time.  Work on your business, not in your business

John – Always have a hustle 

Mani – If you don’t pay, you will not get anything out of it