Episode 222 “Caching”

Episode 222 “Caching”


We’re live. John is currently on a house swap vacation in 10 degree cooler weather. Josh is talking about having San Diego on his weather app and loves the weather. Mani talks about his recent launch, 600 clicks, 17 sales at 300 dollars. Mani mentions being asked to unsubscribe some people on the list. Mani talks more about the logistic of the launch and email writing.


Mani talks about a 502 error and trying to figure out the issues with the sales page. Josh gives some feedback on the Chrome feedback. EntreProgrammer thinks there is something wrong with Mani’s WordPress page. This is a great episode to learn about the HTTP and HTTPS setting in WordPress and how to correct the issue of an un-viewable page.


Mani asks if there are any other settings he needs to know about the page. Chuck explains how the security features work on the page, and also some plugin info, and how to clear the cache. Mani talks more about the setting on the sales page. Josh gives some information on Mani’s overall conversion rate for the recent Meditation product launch.


Josh talks about his email launch experience and things to look for on a launch. EntreProgrammers are still trying to help Mani refresh his page. Josh talks about replacing the Patreon income. Mani talks about killing the Caching plugin to help the sales page. Mani asks about how dollar per subscriber should work. Mani talks about deactivating the caching page. Josh talks about the caching activity on their Simple Programmer page and the SEO team starting to change things.


Chuck talks about emailing his cohost and telling them about how he was not recording podcasts for at least 3 weeks. Chuck talks about creating a media kit for the sponsorship purposes. Chuck talks about some Blubrry issues. Chuck talks about the analytics of the popular show on Dev Chat TV. Chuck talks about building out his own tracking system for podcast downloads, to track the activity of the individual shows.


Chuck talks about switching feeds or activity on the shows to get a more updated and accurate statistic of the shows. Josh mentions a tracking data system on a new letter to track data analytics on the activity on the new letter. Chuck talks more about tracking on ROI of sponsors and trying to get feedback to help ROI. Chuck talks about his issue with recording podcasts and creating content for the shows.


Mani asks about the compensation of hosting shows on Dev Chat TV. Chuck explains how this works for the Dev Chat TV network. Chuck talks about how this might be an issue with a few hosts, but not all. John mentions a book to help the people show up for hosting. The book is called. “Pimp: The story of my life.” More talks about how to control the hosting situation. Josh suggests a way to create an automated system to allow hosts and panelist to attend to call.


Chuck talks about his critical role in the podcast business. Mani thinks that Chuck’s business is scalable. Chuck talks about being the talent and getting to the place or goal. EntreProgrammers talks about bring the host in the sponsorship sales. But that is not a good idea according to EntreProgrammers.


Mani asks about Josh’s mastermind emails. Josh explains that he is going to do a paid webinar as apart of the community growth. Mani talks about how he wants to see Josh’s personal story with LinkedIn. Josh says he is going to shut down the Sublime Text new letter and merge the program with the Simple Programmer list.


Josh talks about how to properly transition a dead list and move into a new direction. Josh talks about how he implemented ways to unsubscribe and move forward as a subscriber. Josh talks about how he is going to work on LinkedIn projects next week and help Mani in early July. Mani jokes about Killing John in the business, then scaling the business. Josh says John is like Cornel Sanders in the business.


Mani suggests listening to Dan Fagella podcasts. More talks about Mani’s launch.

Thought of the Week!

John – Optimize for the future or for life.

Mani – Sometimes I should push through or create better systems

Josh – It important to have a big goal, to take big action.