Episode 221 “The Hamster Wheel”

Episode 221 “The Hamster Wheel”


We’re Live. Josh talks about getting shocked about a newsletter email entitle GDR is Bullshit. Mani says he would like to see an unsubscribe rather than a spam issue. EntreProgrammers talks about the rights or non-rights of GDPR. Josh talks about his goal to gain 25 subscribers and some email activity in the marketing area. Josh continues his goal to reach 100 subscribers. More talk about this community from Josh.


Josh talks about using Facebook and Slack for the community he created, and how to manage the conversations and resources. Josh talk about the tiers of the community, similar to a small mastermind group. Josh says he is focusing on the bottom tier because that is where most people will be. Josh talks about the signup and sales and growing the product. Chuck says he finds this interesting as another thing to do for the developer community. Josh says this is going to be his focus for the next few months.


Chuck asks about the training material that Josh is going to be offering to the community. Josh explained how he is going to sort of duplicate this base on another persons community or group. Josh talks about an email he received and how it is useful for giving value for reaching out. Mani talks about John Lee Duma’s group that he created and the terms of being in the group. Mani says this was similar to a Facebook group.


Mani asks what is Josh’s goal for the group. Josh says he wants this to replace their product revenue, about 30K. Josh says he is trying to create scarcity with the product and sell more spots. Josh talk more about the terms in which he is letting people into the group. Mani says John Lee used price rising as a way to get more people in the group. John talks about the “Make More Money” situation, as they are in the business of make more money in your job, rather than in your business.


More discussion about the possible future of the community and help people get jobs using this platform. More talks about urgency, pricing and targeting. Josh ask if Mani did his launch. Mani says no. Mani shares his email/info with the EntreProgrammers.


Josh provide feedback to Mani on the formatting. Josh continues with text color and other aspects of formatting. Chuck give feedback on the story on Mani’s document and marketing strategy. Chuck gives feedback on the social proof and amount of content. Mani asks about the sweet spot on the amount of story he should tell. Josh give some feedback on the optimum percentage of the story in sales copy.


EntreProgrammers talk about the strategy of sharing stories in sales copy. Josh says Mani need 5 kinds of copy. Chuck says to boil it down to one common success story. More talk about the elements of sales copy. Mani asks about the research material and tying in the science into the sales copy. Chuck and Josh give feedback on how they would execute the sales copy.


Mani talks about ship out his launch next week. Chuck talks about how a sponsor is not going to renew their sponsorship. Chuck talks about how he wanted to offer a different marketing strategy to his sponsors. Josh says to try it out with a few customers as a test. Chuck says he wants to be the premier place for developers to go for material. But he is willing to try this for a few sponsors. Chuck talks about the rotation of the sponsors. Chuck says he wants see their numbers but the sponsors are not providing that numbers. Josh asks that they should look at the business model and their marketing strategies.


Chuck shares that sponsors are asking about a sales type page to provide the information for the optimum sponsor reach. This would be similar to a media kit.  Chuck says he needs to take a week and create this kit or document. Chuck says he might not have enough time for hosting the newer shows and may have too only keep up the older shows.


Josh suggest training the host and freeing up time. Josh asked about the amount of time Chuck is using to produce content. John suggests moving away from the shows and working on the business. Josh suggests putting systems in place so the shows do not die without Chuck as a host in the show. Mani asks about what Pat Flynn does.


Josh says he like the sabbatical idea for Chuck to take some time to work on growing the business. EntreProgrammers agree that Chuck should focus on picking only the show he wants to do. John gives a brief update on his Bulldog Mind Set ideas.

Thoughts for the Week! 

Chuck –  Reorganizing, forward motion, finding quiet space

John – Getting the momentum back

Mani – It is ok to have a tough time once in a while

Josh – Getting back to winning!