Episode 22 Brains Are For What?

Episode 22 Brains Are For What?

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

Derick takes control of the show, but appears to be unplugged. Ah, yes, the wonders of technological advancement.

And into John’s book they go; the editors have spoken and John defends his writing approach. And what’s that, brains are…?

The editors think that it’s a bit much, in places, needs a trim. Josh quickly jumps in with the solution and John saves all. Derick recommends that John keeps all of his information, but in a slightly different way.

The EntreProgrammers are on the attack – solution time.

And if anything needs a solution, it’s how to pay bills; to budget or not to budget; that is the question, here.

John explains in detail that there are times when a person should watch her/his dollar very closely; but, there are also times when a person can’t really afford to watch her/his budget closely, nor does it pay to do so.

This is The EntreProgrammers’ financial philosophy – some good advice, here. Another interesting point of view comes from Derick who has become, perhaps, the wealthiest member in his family, now.

Not only does Derick explore marketing tactics, but also explains that you must learn how to deal with the money that you make when becoming a successful entrepreneur. Once again this marketing warrior teaches us through his good example.

Derick tells it all; information to learn.

“Have you ever played Cash Flow 101?” John asked. Well if you haven’t you probably should; your kids can play along with you – okay, you can check it out, here:


Just exactly what should I do with this dollar, and the next one, too? In addition, this game “applies to real life.” How should we spend our money? The EntreProgrammers tell us.

The next big question: How did Josh collect over 300,000 email addresses? Stay tuned, Josh will tell it all – the phenomenal marketing arena of Josh Earl – http://SitePoint.com editor.

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