Episode 219 “Russian Brides” 

Episode 219 “Russian Brides” 


Mani talks about almost becoming a video game developer. Josh talks about doing an experiment with a viewer named Jason, who was writing some emails for Josh about video game development. Josh talks about the email marketing experiment. John jokes about emailing about about being interested in a Russian bride.  Josh talks more about how this could be viewed as a hobby rather then something to build a career.


Mani and Josh discuss the type of revenue this could generate with being primarily concern with the price and list. Josh talks more about the launch of another project and more talks about video game development projects. Mani talks about the details of changing your tribe verse stay with your current focus.


John says he open the Nasdaq yesterday, or he was there with the group of people who did, like the CEO of Plural Sight. Josh asks how big Lynda is now. More talk about the voting power on Facebook and IPO within Plural Sight and Lynda. Mani talks about the power of Facebook ads, that blew up a Photographer business. Josh says he met Gene Simmons at Nasdaq. John talks about buying shares of Plural Sight. Josh talks about the tax benefits of holding shares.


Mani ask if there is an app Sumo of software developers. Chuck talks about having a rough time getting stuff done. Chuck says he has been slightly depressed and doing his best to get by. John suggests that Chuck go into trend water mode. Chuck says he is frustrated but knows he needs to push through. Josh says since that things are running on in-place systems, that things might run better without him.


Chuck says he is deciding rather he wants to continue doing certain things on his schedule, like recording podcasts, setting up sponsorships, etc. Chuck continues talks but lacking that motivation to do work that requires at least ten minutes of time. Chuck talks about taking with his helper about doing to production manager tasks.


Mani brings in an example of how John Lee Dumas has changed up his format up to keep up the motivation in his podcast production. Chuck says he might change up his office to get a different view of things. Maybe next week he will be in a better emotional place. John suggests worrying only about the critical stuff to keep the business running. Chuck says he mentally gave himself the permission to take some downtime to recover.


Mani says his deliverability of Convertkit just tanked. Josh explains a similar situation he experienced with Simple Programmer when he was not using John’s email. Josh talks about moving off of ConvertKit, but has heard of people thinking it was a Drip problem.


Josh says that Mani should try creating a new email to see if this fixes the issue. Mani says every time he fixes something, something else happens in business. John says email is dying as well to SnapChat. EntreProgarmmers talks about the many different facets of marketing. Chuck talks about Josh’s point about people’s emails living on the Gmail servers.


Josh tries to backtrack and figure out the email deliverability issues for Mani. Josh looks about the open rates and other analytics and explain when the issues began. Josh and Mani that Google just has so much power with content and emails. Josh suggests again creating several dummy email accounts and do some testing.


EntreProgrammers suggests that Mani do more AB testing or split tests. Mani says he is going to cut out the images. Josh suggests that the email should look natural. Mani says the issues is in the promotions tab. Mani says just like that his email marketing is over. Chuck suggests becoming a pig farmer.


EntreProgrammers talk about snake oil products and those other projects that actually help people. John says the next product is about Making Money, Getting Russian Wives, and Lose Belly Fat! Mani says Zuckerberg tanks their businesses. Josh talks about all the changes coming to the internets and social media.  Josh gives more suggestions.


Call gets cut short

Thoughts of the Week 

John – Talk to Richard Simmons