Episode 218 “Building Systems”

Episode 218 “Building Systems”


We’re live. Chuck talks about getting back form Microsoft Build. Josh talks about attending a Perry Marshall seminar called Rosetta Stone , and meeting great marketing folks. Josh says John and Mani are not going to join, but he wanted to hear about Mani’s launch


Chuck talks about his experience at Microsoft launch, but watch the live stream from the hotel and had a better experience. Chuck talks about the podcast recordings he recorded at Build and having recording issues. But was able to record several episodes for JavaScript Jabber. Chuck talks about creating a job board or org-chart of some sort prescribed by his business coach.


Chuck says this role process will help everyone to know their exact job as far hosts, editor and all facets of the podcast production. Chuck and Josh talk about their processes with their bookkeepers. Chuck talks about how the job role program is helping him get clarity with the production process.


Chuck talks about the many different areas where the system processes with help optimize production. Chuck talks about going back to MatterMost for the communication process within his network. Also, Chuck talks about moving off of Asana and on to Trello, so he could see every task at a glance.


Chuck shares this screen to see the overall organization change he has made in the last few weeks. Chuck talks about the using Team Drives and all the content and documents for the company process for inviting guess on the the podcasts.


Josh talks about how he was surprised with Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code. Chuck continues with the job roles and training for the production manager. Chuck shows his Dev Chat TV product board and the kinds of things he is using it for to keep systems running smoothly.


Josh ask if someone is responsible for maintaining the Trello board. Chuck says he is excited to get this organizational stuff together. Chuck talks more about the sponsorship machine. Josh says Ops would be easier to source. Chuck says he wants his help to rock the boat a help improve the processes.


Chuck and Josh discuss the sponsorship pipeline with Dev Chat TV. Chuck talks about being emotional drain lately, but was able to build out his org chart. Josh talks  about the marketing of one for the products on Simple Programmer. Josh talks about the conversion rates on the books and products.


Josh talks about doing some AB testing on the sales funnel and possibly creating a new lead magnet. Josh talks about switching emails and is finally seeing a better open rate. Josh says the old email address or John’s email address was tainted or automatically going to spam or junk mail.


Josh talks about the sales drop during March, and was beating himself trying to figure out the the issues with the funnel. Josh talks about figuring out what he wants his new business model to be during this transition. Josh talks about platforms for mentoring those who want to learn marketing and such. Chuck talks about AirPair and how they help. Josh says his is going to work on Paid Membership communities. Also some talks about DisCourse.


Josh talks about is plans for the paid membership course. Josh talks about the paid mentorship course and the coaching plans that he was to implement as apart of the paid membership product. Josh says he feels like the technical platform community will scales easier.


Josh says he got clarity on this the past week, and he wants something that could be purchased. Chuck says he has no desired to sell Dev Chat TV, but the system running smoothly is very important. Josh says he was to build something that could be bought by a company like Plural Sight.


More talk about building system and the next clear step for the business. Chuck says his focus is to bolt the machine together.

Thoughts for the Week! 

Chuck – It’s ok to back up and go the other way

Josh – Common values