Episode 216 “I’m Not Wearing Underwear”

Episode 216 “I’m Not Wearing Underwear”


Chuck talks about buying a van in progress, and issues with his father’s health. Josh says he is feeling underdress. Also some talk about Kanye West. John talks about doing a live stream with Antonio from Real Men Real Style. John talks about the Q&A format and interview with Antonio. John mentions that a lot of things are “down” as far as Youtube view and other things.


Mani asks about unsubscribes and gains of Simple Programmer. John drops some numbers and metrics. Josh talks about the rising numbers of subscribers verse the decreasing numbers or unsubscribes. Mani asks about numbers from last year as far as subscribes and unsubscribes.


John talks about how the YouTube subscriber notifications work. More talk about monetization of videos. John gives a rundown of video formats to help viewer and content consumption. John mentions the format or show-flow of the Youtubers like Antonio. Some talks about viral videos. John talks about the Alph M-channel be Aaron Marion.


John talks about the rate of video post for some companies and their sales base on the video engagement. John talks about the many things he bought based no he things Alph M talk about in his videos. Mani asks why John is not doing it. More talk about marketing and tactics that business used to sell.


EntreProgrammers talk more about marketing and tactics that business used to sell. John mentions reach and the potential market. Mani mentions a personality type channel, similar to what John has built. John mentions some strategies in growing YouTube channels.


Chuck talks about going to MicroConf and how to grow a big following on YouTube. Josh suggests SEO, and keywords pull from Google. John jokingly suggests the girl next door thumbnails for videos. Chuck says he will just unbutton his shirt. Mani suggests cross promotion and selling it on the podcast network. John suggests interview Chuck as a Mormon Mafia Media Mogul on his channel.


John mentions an almost 4 day fast, and dropping 16 lbs of water weight. John talks about the Top 50  Coding Interview Questionsblog post on Simple Programmer.


Mani mentions the experimentation of the meditation course to see if it works. Mani talks about how Tim Ferris is using the same meditation that is on his course. John talks about the series he is doing. Mani asks if Josh is meditating. More talk about laughing on Mani’s Meditation Course. John suggests laughing and not waiting on him testing the product. Mani says he is going to do an Early Bird sale.


John says he is feeling better due to the Fasting. More talks about email promotions and consultations in the works from Josh. Josh and Mani chat about the different strategies and promotions.


John talks about open slots for coaching. Josh talks about taking the place or filing the shoes of John in the business. Or hiring a secondary personality that is himself that does coaching in the business. Mani suggests killing that John persona in the business. But John jokingly says he wants to be the visionary still.


Josh talks about the Bootcamp courses and different ideas. Josh says this could be a good money maker. Josh says this is a career boot camp, John says this is brilliant.  Mani asks if there was a job board.

Thoughts for the Week!

Josh – Motion beats Meditation…

John – Does the action you are about to do move you toward you goal or away…

Chuck – Organization

Mani –  Structure leads to Freedom