Episode 215 “Sleeping in my office…”

Episode 215 “Sleeping in my office…”


We’re live! Josh mentions some openings for two new members on Team Wolfpack. For more information email at josh@joshuaearl.com.  John joke about moving into his office due to the sales slump. Josh mentions a new sales test with Hot Jar.  Josh talks about the technologies are links to the sales page. Mani asks about cart abandonment tracking, Josh thinks WooCommerce does not have that feature.


Josh continues with the test sales and says the sale is still not making the numbers they anticipated. Mani and Josh continue discussing the past pricing of the product, but still not big sales at 49 bucks. Josh says there is no excitement about the sale or the product at this new low price.


Josh talks but the check out page activity. John talks about how the long form emails maybe hurting them on sales, and think they should switch to shorter emails as a test. Josh and Mani talk about the How to Beat Procrastination course and Productivity course. Also, some talk about the Mental Toughness and or Confidence courses.


Mani mentions starting to sell his meditation course soon, and my do a procrastination master class with John. Chuck asks but sees that sales are still down at Simple Programmer. Josh mentions he may just look into building a new product. John chimes in with the exposure and urgency tactic.


Josh mentions doing and AB testing with the shopping cart. Mani suggests a countdown timer on the shopping cart. Josh says he was not impressed with the countdown timer. Chuck asks it’s they’ve hit saturation, or hit everyone they could possibly hit with the sale.


Josh mentions some frustrations with the slumps and does not have the excitement to begin a new production. Josh says they do not want to be dependent on affiliate offers to afloat. But they are still profitable. John says the only way to turn this around is with a flagship product and different tiers for products. John says they need a solid seller and a lead magnet.


John mention doing something like a boot camp in a box type product. Mani asks about the EPC  and other kinds of stats. Josh says they are getting about half the traffic they use to and drop-offs at the sales carts. Josh continues with the traffic drop-offs.


Mani asks when John announced when he quit Simple Programmer. Josh says this was on March 1st, but still, thinks this does not have an effect on the sales or brand. Mani thinks that this may have affected the sales. John says this is ok because this is something that needs to happen until they get new customers.


Mani gives an example he heard of in this similar situation. Chuck says the market has changed, or there is something else going on in the market that they don’t know about. John says do you want to do an email explaining how John is still an owner of Simple Programmer. Josh talks about a course where he sees the main face of the company is still involved with products, but as a right-hand man making the products. Josh mentions some one-off paid coaching.


Josh says he is going to hire himself and promote himself through John to sell new products or offerings. Josh says there is some component of this that is all growing pains and they just have to do it. Mani asks about pricing on his meditation course, he wants to do an early bird sales to get an idea.


Josh suggests to keep that product at one price, and Mani should rethink the early bird. Mani talks about an example of Social Media Marketing World. Josh gets his thoughts on early bird pricing. John talks about price anchoring. Mani mentions a tactic John Lee Dumas did with his course. More talk on how to implement pricing and early bird pricing.


John mentions Grant Cardone’s 10k price anchor. Also, John mentions that he like that high price anchor. Josh goes back to their old price setting with their How to Market Yourself course. John talks about confident with your price.


Chuck talks about timing of the sales and when start time of the sales. John mentions a funny comment on YouTube but was deleted.

Thoughts for the Week!

Josh – Focus on the positive!

Chuck – Set some keystone behaviors in place

John – Be un-reactive or be chill

Mani – Act Faster