Episode 214 “Memorial Day Sale

Episode 214 “Memorial Day Sale


We’re are live! Josh is talking about micro conf. Chuck talks about the Mac updated blues.  Chuck talks about how his podcast network is getting crazy recording podcast almost every day. Chuck talks about rearranging record time to fit them all in with his schedule.  Chuck talks about helping start an Elixir podcast.


Josh suggests recording bi-weekly or appearing on the shows bi-weekly. Josh thinks this will help him scales the network. Chuck talks about switching over to Zoom to record the shows, switch helps when he is not there to initiate the call recording. Chuck mentions that Digital Ocean an older sponsor is will to come back as a sponsor.


Chuck talks about prewriting some follow-up information for future sponsorship submissions. Chuck talks about getting a list of conferences lined up to attend. Chuck talks about how he was surprised about how one of his sponsors called to renew sponsorship. This means he needs a reminder or automation for renewals.


Chuck mentions all the tasks he was to line up for Michelle. Also, some reaching out to Ruby Kaigi for some collaboration. Also, Chuck mentions how some of the conferences are again renewing sponsorships. Chuck says this will help generate traffic for the podcasts.


Chuck talks about possibly renting out conference space in San Jose for upcoming conferences. If this does not work, he mentions he could always speak with the speakers. Josh again suggest reaching out to current sponsors about renewals 2 months before the sponsorship ends. Josh says the easiest money to get is from the current customers. Josh quickly mentions how Facebook is cracking down on their sponsorships.


Josh suggests newsletters as another avenue to sell sponsorship.  So more talk about email marketing and traffic generated. Josh mentions using Pretty links, to track clicks.


Josh mentions Peter Cooper and how he uses new letters to generate sponsorships. Chuck asked when Josh send out newsletters. Josh says this is a way to cross promote for Dev Chat Network. More talk about affiliate offers and promotions.


Mani mention going live with his Mediation product next week. Mani will be laughing at his list and YouTube audience.  Josh talks about damaging an upscale market. Mani and Josh discuss discounts on high priced products and closing the doors on a product. Josh suggests testing a discount with a small portion of the list.


Josh talks about price testing and bonuses. Mani talks about trying to figure out something to create urgency for the Mediation product. Chuck says he wants to get the affiliates to get back into hearing from him. Basically warming them back up to sponsor ideas and such.


Mani ask to look at the Alexa ranking website and figure what their (Fitness Company) revenue numbers are at? Josh gives his best ideas based on the numbers. Josh says the fitness market is super competitive. Josh talks about Facebook and paid traffic.


Mani talks about how this strategy is tailored for cold traffic, not the warmed up type of traffic. Josh talks about is mix up with John on created a memorial day sale.

Thoughts for the Week! 

Josh –  Don’t take anything for granted, verify everything.

Mani – Talking it out and give clarity

Chuck – Find a friend