Episode 213 “Sale Slumps”

Episode 213 “Sale Slumps”


We’re live!   Josh talks about opening on EntreProgarmmers: Team Wolf Pack. One or two opening for  josh@joshearl.com . Great opportunity to join the mastermind podcasts. John talks about getting sick right before starting up his routine again. But he is back. Mani joke s that Chuck may have partied too hard in Vegas, that is why he is absent.


Josh asks for help on some marketing and advice on the current revenue slump. Josh provides some analytics from last year and this year comparisons. Josh and John talk about the short February month. Mani asks about the new WooCommerce shopping cart. Josh talks about the past shopping cart views and such.


Josh talks about the particular products that they are selling, but no sales on “How To Market Yourself” course. Josh talks about the many changes since January, like shopping carts, John stepping away, and other factors. Josh mentions the decline of sales with fewer emails sent out.


John mentions doing a flash sales of the How to Market Yourself course to test the waters. Josh talks about the clicks in September and currently in March, some 60-70 per day of click on the product page. John mentions the possibility of people trying to find a coupon code, but come across a pirated copy.


Josh says that they are not getting any emails of people trying to buy. So he is puzzled for where the issue may be. John suggests a browser change issues. Mani asks about more recent changes made to the shopping cart and websites for pinpointing the issue. Again, John suggests a sale for a fair price, to make sure there is nothing wrong with the sales funnel.


Josh thinks another slump might because this is tax season, and people are sitting on their wallets. Josh goes back to see the possible issues with the sales pages. John thinks the content is not stale, so there might be another unforeseen issue.


Josh asks John about the stepping down video if that had any impact on sales. John does not think so, or at least not this early. Josh talks about his outside promotions that may help with finding technical errors.


John and Josh agree on doing crowdsource sale, to figure out the issues. Josh and Mani discuss card abandonment. Chuck joins the call! Mani says if the sales page is the same, then the traffic is the problem. Mani asks about the email sequence and the email marketing strategy. Josh says he is going to research the traffic source and check the google ranking.


Josh talks about trying to do a sales to catch up on revenue and looking into the sales funnel. Mani looks and the WooCommerce cart and finds that total price of the course, rather than the monthly pricing. Mani asks questions about the 90-day guarantee and one year guarantee. Kind of confusing?


Mani suggests the split test with a guarantee. Josh thinks he is just going to put it back to a year. John suggests going back to Thrive Cart. Josh talks about changing out PayPal on the sales cart. Chuck suggest making a list of the things he is going to do, to keep track of changes.


Josh says re-adding PayPal is a pain, but he is going to do it. Mani suggests a money back guarantee button next to the add to cart. John talks about the bitcoin impact and losing money in the currency.


John says to book revenue is still good. Josh says the revenue is still the same but the slice of pie in the revenue graphs have changed. John mentions the refund request for the course because of the content in the book. Chuck says you can only take care of what is in your control with current sales situation. Mani talks about the cannibalizing sales from the book. Chuck suggests raising pricing on the book if sales are being cannibalized by the book.


Mani suggests doing a productivity product as a joke because of all the work Josh has to do for SEO and the changes to the sales page and shopping cart. Josh says he took up all the time on the show.


Chuck says to keep truck’n. Mani offers his Mental toughness course to Josh for support on the slump. Chuck suggest trying something different as well.

Thoughts of the week!

Josh –  Life if hard!