Episode 212 “Focus and Stick to the Plan!”

Episode 212 “Focus and Stick to the Plan!”


Is Mani still having breakfast? Mani was asking about this past weeks promotion for Profitable Programmer. Predictions in progress. Josh reveals the clicks and conversions, and total revenue for the promotion around 30k. Josh talks about the ideal scenario for 50k profitability.


Josh talks about the clicks (3500) compared to Mani’s recent promotion. Josh says he is sticking to 2-day promotions.  Josh says 65% of the revenue comes in closer to the deadline. Mani talks about the clicks from a 2day compared to a 3day promotion. EntreProgrammers continue to discuss the marketing strategy and warming up the audience to buy.


Josh talks about testing, daily emails, and the working strategy that brings in sales. Josh talks about open rate on emails and reach. Josh refers back to the promotion on the Self Confidence course. Entreprogrammers discuss more marketing strategies with raising prices and up sales. John talks about impulse buys.


Josh talks about their failure on their Career Guide product. Josh talk about the 5 learning mistake lead magnet and doing more testing to see if they can still pull revenue from these less successful lead magnets. Josh and John talk about the misunderstanding about the free PDF or ebook.


Josh talks about the issues with a disabled sales button on WooCommerce. Mani asks for advice on the Focus at Will collaboration or promotion. John asks if Mani interviewed Steven Pressfield, about being a lazy fucker. Charles suggests life hacks as an up sale, most likely a boring ritual hack.


Josh suggests a bundle of other people products and splitting the revenue. Mani asks about Josh’s learning course. Mani rethinks the splitting of revenue with Simple Programmer. Josh suggests offering more products or up sales on Productivity.


Josh suggests a 1k product. Mani thinks a coaching call would help, but people don’t know him well enough yet. Mani talks about Russel Branson talking about selling similar products, so productivity might be to repetitive as a sale point. John suggests an entrepreneurial product, but Mani is not sure. Mani asks about Chuck’s email list.


Chuck talks about his recent React Dev Summit, and more talks about JavaScript Dev Summit. Chuck talks about the recent turnout and growing his list. Chuck mentions that he submitted the new podcasts wrong so they were not showing up on iTunes or the website. Chuck shares his screen and shows the podcast sponsorship planning page. Josh figures that Chucks is at a 30 percent production rate. Chuck mentions is back on the 12 week year and doing more reaching out to fill the sponsorship slots.


Chuck talks about ways to increase traffic to the podcasts. Mani suggests collaborations or getting out someone else’s podcasts. Mani thinks this will increase the podcast traffic by 20 percent. John suggests talking about getting on a podcast to talk about how he is running a podcast empire on tech podcasts. The Entreprogrammers discuss the different ways Chuck can increase traffic by getting out other podcasts as a guess to talks about how he runs the shows.


John suggests discounting the prices to fill the open slots as a way to fill the slots fast.  Josh suggests a use it or lose it space on the sponsor slots. Josh thinks with will recapture revenue. John says Chuck’s fill rates need to be a 75%. EntreProgrammers discuss how to fill the unused space for the episodes on Dev Chat TV.


Josh suggest getting in contact with someone about ad placement on filling the spots. Mani asks about companies the Chuck needs to approach that is already on his lists. Mani says this will increase revenue rather then listenership. More talk about getting out other podcasts and slowly growing the listenership and revenue.


John suggests offering to advertise to the biggest podcasts he can find to help one another or swapping advertising for the shows. Chuck talks about getting feedback about a junior developer or podcast, a community for those groups. Chuck talks about starting a junior developer club.


John suggests filling 75% inventory first before creating a new podcast. Mani asks about the number of goals for implementing the 12 week year. Josh suggest keeping in mind that 2/3 of the audience is established. Chuck talks about his plan of attack on all this advice.

Thoughts for the Week!

Josh – “The decision to refund is made before the purchase is committed”

Mani – People’s minds are not made up

Chuck  – Masterminds and focus

John – Stick to the plan!