Episode 211 “Watch My Cat Videos”

Episode 211 “Watch My Cat Videos”


We’re live. John jokes about being lazy and talks about hurting his shoulder. Josh talk about his wrist issue call “Mommy Thumb.” Josh talks about having to wear a cast or band to help rest and heal his thumb. Josh talks about ordering special ergonomic mouse to get through work.


Mani talks about he past issues he was experiencing with his hand and shoulders. Mani talks about his exercise to help his hands, surprisingly Mani talks about stretching his Hamstrings to help his back and shoulders. John suggests building up the quads. John mentions that he has to lay off lifting in order to recover.


John talks about 90 percent adherence rather than 100 percent. EntreProgrammers talks about the benefits of exercise but practicing it a safe manner to prevent injury. Mani talks about his new publishing pace with YouTube and collaborating with speakers. Mani talks about the viewer numbers when he does “colabs” rather than not.


John talks about watch time on Youtube and the value a channel provides to the views. John mention search volume and gaining subscriber-ship. John talks about the benefit of guess blogging or commenting on other people’s blog sites. Mani mentions plans to do a summary for Pat Flynn’s book. Mani and John talk about end cards and analytics.


More talk about how End Cards work and best practices and use cases. John and Josh joke about inserting their own cat videos as viewer lose interest in the videos. Mani suggests Reddit postings and how they should Reddit post there to get traffic. Mani calls Reddit the school of copywriting.


EntreProgrammers talks about posting videos about not giving a fuck about the Reddit police. Josh talks about be blacking list posting link on his own site.


Chuck talks about what he wants to do on YouTube. Chuck talks about what he learned about using YouTube in another coaching call he does. Chuck mention wanting to do 5 minutes videos a day on small developer topics, and a recap of episodes. Chuck talks about new hot ideas about growing the subscribers and incoming from sponsorships.  Most of these ideas are coming from trying out the  Alexa flash briefings.


Josh mentions that he should give it several months for this Flash Briefing tactic to take off. Chuck thinks that this will help other areas of the podcast to grow. Chuck mentions being elected as a chair of the local Republican party. Chuck talks about not having any time, while he has been taking care of his family.


Chuck mention Michelle talking over some areas and task that were on Chuck’s plate. John mentions talking to Flippa, and the market in buying online businesses. John talks about Flippa courses, and how to start a business and have Flippa sell it.


Josh mentions working with David, who he is taking Brian Deans marketing course. Josh talks about working with an SEO team to help him with a project. Josh mentions he needs help making a decision on doing a pilot project with this SEO team.


Chuck gives a suggestion on waiting till there is a payoff before taking on the team to do the SEO. John says the results and length of time till they see an ROI, but how long do they have to wait.


Josh says he could shape or have some sort of control and time to see if the SEO agency is worth the time to optimize site or project. More talks about how well this agency is known in the industry.

Thoughts for the Week!

John – 90 percent adherence!

Josh – Being patient

Chuck – If are not there, do something productive