Episode 210 “ You Need a Bigger Mailman…”

Episode 210 “ You Need a Bigger Mailman…”

0:15We’re Live. Mani’s breakfast is in progress. Chuck mentions seeing politics on the TV behind Mani. Mani talks about going “whole hog” on YouTube and having some issues with production. Josh ask about the lengths of Mani’s videos. Mani describes the production process on his book summary videos.


Mani talks about the marketing tactics at Focus at Will. Mani mentions that John does on like the process. John says growing the company is better, that making money now. Josh mention two things Mani needs to do if thing works out well. Mani says this could grow his list and potential boost company growth.


Josh suggests retargeting to Mani and watching for specific growth numbers in order to determine the worthiness of marketing tactic.


John talks about doing a series of how to build an online business. Mani jokes about John stealing his product idea. John continues his process of creating these videos. Mani suggests that John coming on to his channel to include books in this video project. Josh asks about subscriber numbers for Mani and John’s channels. More talk about how company names help subscribers, rather than the person. Mani shares his subscriber numbers.


Josh shares that they have over 400 reviews on the new book. John talks about a one-star review that hurt the numbers. EntreProgrammers talks about Amazon review and how they may not be relevant later on as reviews grow. More talk about Amazon reviews and how they might work.


Josh talks about doing a Kindle 7-day Promotion for 99 cents. Josh talks but the sweet spot pricing for Kindle books. John talks about doing a YouTube video on thing people sent him as a joke.


Mani talks about how he is still getting Grant Cordone emails. John talks about getting a call from a medical marketing company for Viagra. John talks about his joking ways with this company. John talks about how they need to school Mani on his audio.


Chuck talks about assigning tasks in Asana for Michelle. Chuck talks more on the website update and people having issues with subscribing. Chuck talks about getting DMs and twitter messages about subscribing. Chuck about still being about to get things done even when he was sick.


Josh talks about an outreach program and learning new online marketing strategies. Josh continues with his project with backlinks. Josh talks about using PipeDrive. Josh talks about more backlinks and emails.  Josh and John discuss backlinks and emails on their website. John suggests other kinds of ways to do the links and mentioning production in their email.


Josh talks about reaching out and fixing broken links. Josh continues with looking deeper into these blogs sites and finding ways to add value. Josh goes on to talk about how he could build a list on content with these bloggers. Josh talks about ways these emails could not be spammy to the blogger.


Josh talks about how he could outsource this project and build a list at the same time. Josh says he is going to do the Clever Programmer affiliate deal. John talks about a potential issue with the people understanding the value of the product.


John talks about the Stack Overflow survey. John says he learned a new word “Genderqueer.”

Thoughts for the Week

Chuck – Planning and Coordination

Josh – Create space for yourself to create

John – Sometimes you can’t fight your nature

Mani – Structure leads to freedom