Episode 21 Josh’s Numbers

Episode 21 Josh’s Numbers

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

In Episode 20, it was argued that having a sale was an arbitrary adventure; it doesn’t matter when you have a sale, and in a global market, especially don’t have a sale over the 4th of July. John’s numbers in his 4th of July sale seems to blow this theory apart.

John finished his book, a huge accomplishment. Why feelings of depression? John explains post-goal depression, something we all need to be aware of. When you should be celebrating the achievement of your goal, you’re not. Why is that?

Josh offers John advice regarding research. Josh is a magazine article writer requiring a great deal of research for every story. When is your research complete?

Then Derick explains that he doesn’t like to do research unless there is something to be solved by doing the research. John uses an experience he’s had with blogs to put forth the idea of recharging – getting more ideas to write about.

Josh talks about his numbers which have sky rocketed. How did you do it, Josh? He goes in depth to share his secrets. In a surprising business marketing twist, The EntreProgrammers tell you how to buy a car.

The EntreProgrammers go to baseball: When should you get a base hit and when should you swing for the boards? In this hypothetical analogy to marketing, using Josh’s success, they provide insight on a home run situation versus a base hit.

Let’s turn to Derick, who now has a rather stressful situation at hand. The EntreProgrammers dig in to dig Derick out. They have a solution.

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