Episode 208 “You Need To Get A Cover Job!

Episode 208 “You Need To Get A Cover Job!


We’re Live. EnterProgarmmers joke about why there was no episode lates week. John talks about the Grant Cardone event last week. John mention is was a motivational rant. John talks about some interesting things they heard. But it was really for the younger generation looking to become entrepreneurial.


Mani talks about some other events they’ve attended. John talks mention an event for influencers and brands selling their product via YouTubers. Chuck mentions he is not charging enough for sponsorships. Mani mentions CPM numbers. John mentions a strategy that is similar to Chuck’s podcast sponsorship, which confirms that Chuck is headed in the right directions with his podcasting network.


Chuck shares his screen and talks but how he runs his sponsorship slots. Chuck mentions getting somewhat depressed and did not have motivation. Chuck said he is thankful he did not blow anything up. Chuck talks about having to take care of his father more closely. Chuck says his family thinks he is retired because runs his business from home.


Chuck is redoing the video for a Job course. Chuck mentions he can’t wait to get to work with Josh about selling/marketing a course on How To Get A Job course. Chuck gives a rundown on the different topics this course will cover for those in the job market.


Josh talks about being contacted by the person who runs the Clever Programmer.  John says he is going a great job growing his network and audience. John talks about being sick. Mani says John needs to wear a jacket.


Mani talks about people trying to take down his business. Mani mentions being contacted by an attorney about copyright infringement. Mani talks about writing an email about how it was not an infringement. John talks about him an Mani doing some research on the attorney and making some changes on their strategy to make amends a defuse the situation. Chuck joke about a course on flattery.


Mani mentions things he could do to avoid more situations like this. John talks about making a case and praising the person will make light of the situation. John says, the bigger the ego, the more they can be flattered.


Josh talks but some issues with Thrive Cart. Mani asks about the pitch on a recent product. Josh talks about an example promotion with the book last year. John talks some email course information or analytics. Josh says that their customers don’t buy anything without creating urgency.


Josh explain some of the analytics of the promotion products or courses. Josh talks about increasing the blog traffic last week. Josh talks about indexing and correcting pretty links to increase these traffic numbers.


Josh continues with other sources of traffic and pushing other ways to increase. Josh talks about signing up for Brian Deans course. Josh talks about interesting research on this topic of outreach.


More talks about Brian Deans course and backlinks. Josh talks about sharing the course info with their content writer. More talk on outreach and responsiveness of the customers. John says no matter what people say about SEO, it still comes back to backlinks. John talks about his strategy to gain traffic when building Simple Programmer.


Josh talks about wanting to take the top 10 posts. Josh mentions working on some Dev Ops stuff and cleaning up. Chuck ask about the cost of the course and pplanning his next 12 weeks.

Thoughts for the Week! 

John – Be persistent at the wide-scale..

Chuck –  You are going to hit a wall.. but you can get through it

Josh – Negative values…cut the bottom 20 percent.

Mani – Learn to negotiate