Episode 207 “Gimme All Your Quests Bars @#%ker”


We’re Live! Mani is eating his mic and eating his iPad. Technical issues. Josh mentions to not having luck with Bluetooth headphones. John comments on how the EntreProgrammer Sub-Group are above 50 episodes.  Josh mentions that the Seal Team rung the bell and tapped out this past week.


EntreProgrammers joke of retinal branding as Mani’s logo is bright on the eyes. Chuck mention starting two new podcasts this past week, a podcast on Vue and React. Chuck mentions the frenzy on the new shows. Mani asks if Chuck is going to hire people to run the show.  Chuck explains the logistics of how the podcasts work. Chuck talks about the Rev Share he does with some of the people on the shows.


Chuck explains how he pays people who run the podcasts. Chuck talks about working to get bigger presents on Youtube. So good camera equipment is important. Chuck talks about working with his Business Coach and working with first graders and moon landing technology.


Chuck talks about working with one of his employees who does the reach out for conferences. Also, he is trying to find time to figure out what to do with the CES video soon. Chuck is going to be doing a talk soon. EntreProgrammers talk about BlockChain and BitCoin.


Josh mentions breaking everything this week. Also, Josh has to transfer everything to the WooCommerce site. So all the products are in a new store.  SimpleProgrammer.com/store.  Josh talks about the transition to the new site and all frustrations he encountered.


Josh mention moving all the products in one day, but he is having to fix the “one-click” button plugin. Chuck asks, about the t-shirts. Chuck mentions that he likes the store and might want to move to something like this. Chuck ask a question about the fulfillment or ship station that sells and ships the t-shirts. Josh explains how the plugin works to help fill the t-shirt sales.


Josh talks about the issues he had with digital deliver with Thrive cart. Josh explained that he had to send DropBox links to retrieve the digital products.


Mani asks Josh about promotions he would like to do next. Mani asks about topics and timelines for the upcoming projects. Josh explained that they need an impulse buy product to hook the customer. Josh talks about a few topics that could help build this product.


John explains the object to the product, that include information on the books Mani could use for this product. EntreProgrammer talks about ideas for marketing for Mani’s product. Mani asks about doing a course type product rather than a book summary. Josh thinks that doing more summaries, the list will get know him better before a bigger promotion.


John talks about upselling, down selling affiliate programs.  Josh talks about LinkedIn courses and all the question he got.  Mani asks more about information on the LinkedIn project.


Josh talks about having to become John or John’s character for these upcoming project in order to sell the products.  John talks about interview Pat Flynn recently on YouTube.

Thoughts for the Week

Mani – Keep the momentum with the customer when you have it!

John – Embrace contradictions

Chuck – Having a weekly routine…

Josh – How cyclical thing can be… refunds