Episode 205 ”Keywords and Penis Pumps”

Episode 205 ”Keywords and Penis Pumps”


Chuck joke about his glare and Mani is in a detention room. Josh talks about his wireless 8lb headset. The EntreProgrammers talk about the wireless headphones and the troubles with the AirPods. John jokes that Josh electronic trouble because he is like Powder.


Mani talks about his recent price increase with his product and research on keywords for branding proposes. Mani talks about change or rebranding based on Confidence and Mental Toughness keywords. John gives feedback on a book What Doesn’t Kill Us.


John talks about doing an AB test on the titles to see what does better. Josh suggest base on YouTube content. Chuck talks about long tail searches base on titles and words. Mani talks about the issues with titling Mental Toughness and Self Confidence. Mani asks John what he would like to use as a title, Mental Toughness. Josh, John, and Mani plan their attack with the upcoming product.


John talks about doing an interview with the founder of Quest Nutrition, Tom Bilyeu. John talks about Tom’s Youtube channel, Impact Theory. John and Mani talk about the net worth of the company and other details. John talks about trying to get Tye Lopez on the show…


John talks about the myth of Facebook advertising. John says show him a profitable Facebook ad. The EntreProgarmmer talk about finding someone who has profitable Facebook Ads. Josh talks about selling low price products verse high price product on platforms like Facebook.


The EntreProgrammer talk about webinars and facebook marketing. Also some talk about paid traffic. John talks about what profitable Facebook ads should look like.


Josh talks about the blog update in Simple Programmer. Looks like the numbers have increased and ranking boost. Josh talks about the traffic on their blog posts and the guest posting numbers. Mani ask a question about posts from 2016. John talks about guests post and numbers reached last year.


John talks about pruning some posts to increase the numbers. Chuck talks about his visit at NG Atlanta. Chuck talks about doing an interview on Youtube and podcasts. Chuck talks about how is camera does not have an audio input.  Mani suggests recording the video with a phone and having audio hookups.


Chuck says his Social Media person quit. Also, some work with Dropbox cleanup and moving files around to get organized. Josh chimes back in with numbers from last years traffic. Josh talks about the editorial team for the blog posts.


Josh talk about testing out the articles. Josh talks about doing keyword optimization and backlinking. John talks about the strategy with backlinks and getting some coaching on the topic.


Chuck talks about getting some big name for the first episode of the Vue Podcast

Thoughts of the Week!

John – Make sure you remind yourself of things that nullify your goals 

Josh – Believe there is a solution!

Chuck – Building Systems!

Mani – Understanding the customer journey!