Episode 204 “Mani & 2000 Books”

Episode 204 “Mani & 2000 Books”


We’re Live! Joining the show is Mani Vaya, who has been working with Josh and John doing affiliate promotion with Simple Program. Mani is a programmer by trade, he has worked in electrical and computer engineering, to project management, and worked with a variety of cell phone companies. Currently, Mani is the host of 2000 Books for Ambitious Entrepreneurs podcast, a business based on book summaries. Mani talks about the huge selection of book summaries and his work with Simple Programmer.


Mani mentions working on this business for the last 2.25 years now. Mani talks about the exciting things he has learn from book and how it has changed his life. Mani talks about the bigger picture of the book summaries and his business. Mani mentions becoming a philosopher in his field.


EntreProgrammers talk about what a personality business is about, and transitioning it over into something else. John talks about the options and traction of building up a business like Mani’s current book summary business.


Chuck talks about the content, entertainment, personality for the platform or business. Josh talks out marketing and business. Josh talks about reconfiguring John’s email account as the business transitions without John. Josh talks about growing the business further to function without videos.


Josh talks about the traffic from YouTube and the blog site. Josh continues to talk about redirects and some SEO work he has implemented. Josh talks about more traffic and server issues.


Josh talks about doing a skyscraper strategy for the book piece products. Josh talks about their transparency with the new writers. Mani ask questions about how to sell bundles and products. More talk about the product sale strategies with the “How To Read a Book” product.


Mani, Josh and John discuss the next steps on the “How To Read a Book” product. Josh and Mani talk about the price of the product. John talks about options on how to interview successful entrepreneurs to help produce the product on how to read books.


John talks about not having much free time during his free time. John mentions running 5 miles a couple times a day, and working out, and getting ready to do taxes. John talks about being tempted to work with Josh and Mani on the new idea for upcoming project.


Josh talks about the new workflow at Simple Programmer without John. Josh talks about the functions of Google Drive Business. Josh talks about the Team Drive business.

Thoughts of the Week

Chuck  – Take a minute and think about your entrepreneurial lifestyle

John – Don’t use personal accounts when starting a business

Josh – Responding, not reacting

Mani – Health is everything