Episode 203 “Hangover and Missing a Kidney”

Episode 203 “Hangover and Missing a Kidney”


We’re Live! John is slacking and is late to the podcast. Chuck talks about selling some more sponsorship spots for his podcast network. Chuck talk about his sales pitch and changing how that new podcast sponsor application works as of now. Also some talk about how his new sponsorship slots will work as far as payments.


Chuck talks about his new sponsors and return sponsors. Interview Cake, Kendo UI, among  a few others are sponsors of the Dev Chat podcasts. Chuck mention this audience or listener numbers for Ruby Rogues. Also some talk on conversion and ROI.


Josh suggest video testimonials for the sponsorship material. Chuck talks about selling sponsorship slots for podcasts show that are still in the works.


Chuck and talks about the process for closing deals for sponsorships and more automation and systemizing. Chuck talks about having an inside sales team and working more on PodWrench. Josh talks about building more feature into the system later on.


Chuck talk about how this time of the year is a great time to sell sponsorships. There is definitely a cycle. Chuck talks about becoming a vendor, and sponsorships with certain companies. Chuck talks about some of the companies and technologies used and talked about in the podcasts.


Chuck talk about getting sponsorship for the React Native Radio Podcast . Also more talks about launching new podcasts for Dev Chat TV. Chuck says he will for now host them and run them for awhile till the show is up an running. Chuck talks about selling a document or course on the process for launching a podcast for a platform like Dev Chat TV.


John suggests a tool like Help Scout to for emails account for team members. Chuck mentions possibly doing a help desk of some sort. Chuck talks about using Missive app. Chuck talks about wanted to move everything to PipeDrive.


In other news, Josh says he is debt free, paid off his mortgage. The EntreProgarmmers talks about the process for paying off a mortgage. Pay off is possible. Josh talks about signing up MediShare programs. More talks on MediShare programs.


Josh talks about how him and John are working for transitioning over the company over to Josh. Josh does not think he is going to continue with the Youtube channel. Josh talks about the type of content he chooses to have for the company. Also more on possibly hiring content writers in specialized material. EntreProgrammers talks about the incentives for the content.


Josh talks about the content produced by John, and having a health topic list to keep content going. Josh talks about custom dimensions in Google Analytics. Josh talk about pulling out of Kindle unlimited. Josh talks about the down sales on the book on all mediums.


Josh talk about writing an email to the list about why they have not purchase the book. Josh mentions that he has to get good at SEO. John mentions hiring someone to help accelerate the learning curve.


John say he changed to YouTube Channel name to John Sonmez instead of Simple Programmer. Josh talks about setting up push notifications for the website. Josh talks about the excitement of Push Notifications.


Josh talk out doubling the signup rate and pitching to the email list. Chuck jokes about John being hangover and sold off his kidneys.


John talks about trying to keep from going into hustle mode and thinking about growing the youtube channel further. John thinks Josh can double Simple Programmer in a year.

Thought for the Week!

John – Sometimes it’s good to force yourself to make decisions.

Josh – If there is something you hate doing, chance are you can hire someone to do it.

Chuck –  Be your own client