Episode 202 “I Am Leaving Simple Programmer”

Episode 202 “I Am Leaving Simple Programmer”

We’re Live! Chuck is coming in from Las Vegas. Big news! John says he is leaving Simple Programmer. In other words, John says he is leaving the CEO role, but still doing the videos. John says he wants to take time to try other things and take a break from the programmer world.

Josh mentions the talk John and he as and the notice things changed after the book launch and the Europe trip. Josh talks about his plans as with Simple Programmer as they have continuous growth and transition.

Josh talks about maybe keep trucking along with Simple Programmer and keep doing emails and consulting. Or work on growing Simple Programmer even further into a multi-million dollar company. Josh says he is still not sure what to do yet, but he is leaning toward growing the company.

Chuck says he sees where they are coming from. Chuck asks if they have all the processes documented to run Simple Programmer. John says Simple Programmer is built on systems and basically runs on its own. Josh mentions that some of the things are not systemized as far as John and Josh’s part of the job.

Josh and John talk about the revenue that could make if they put everything on autopilot. Chuck asked if they will be happy with this change. John talks about how his goals kept growing even when he knew he should take a break or retire. John says he is now trying to simplify things and get rid of things.

John talks about allowing himself the freedom from work and has been thinking about this for a long long time. Chuck suggests a possible sabbatical instead of totally leaving the company. John says his last book was everything he wanted to say about software development and he is done with that topic.

John talks about the possible direction Josh could take Simple Programmer, and where he could contribute to that later on. Josh talks about the 6 month cooling off period before they know what they want to do for sure, and tidy of the company for the transition. Josh says John was the traffic engine and that is where he will need help.

Josh talks about the kinds of phases he will have to plan for traffic, books, courses, and marketing to continue growing the Simple Programmer without or minimal help from John.30:00
Chuck says Josh’s plan sounds similar to what he is trying to do. Chuck says he is curious to see how things go.

John talks about maybe going to Tibet or building/programming a game. John says he is firing himself from his own company. John says Josh can grow the company in the direction it needs to grow.

Josh asks about the light going out at the CES event. Chuck talks about the Samsung and LG booths at CES. Chuck talks about the power loss and the kinds of things going on at the event. Chuck says he is looking into the traffic engine details to drive traffic to his websites.

Chuck talks about his interviews and talks at the conferences. Chuck talks about his plan for building products. Chuck talks about the processes for starting a podcast and running a podcast, as he starting a React and View podcast soon. Chuck signs off. Booth babes.

John says they have Chuck’s blessing for the upcoming transition in Simple Programmer. Josh and John talk more about the reversible changes in case things are not going well. Or if things are going great, then there is no need to reverse the changes.

John talks about making an announcement video for the company. Also, changing emails and maybe creating a customer service system for Simple Programmer. John talks about the current situation in running Simple Programmer.

John talks about instead he should be the Chief Story Teller for the company. Josh says this is an absentee own role for the company. C

Thoughts of the Week

John – Change your vision and identity, and then actions with change.

Josh – It is worth paying the premium price.