Episode 200 “Drunk Uncle Sam”

Episode 200 “Drunk Uncle Sam”

Episode 200 “Drunk Uncle Sam”


We’re Live! The EntreProgrammers talk about how the mixer idea with the rest of the EntreProgrammer Sub Groups was a great idea. John talks about falling off the wagon with his diet for the last 2 weeks. John also mentions winning another cruise package in a Poker tournament on the cruise.


Josh mentions doing nothin and disengaging from work during the new years. Chuck mentions doing 2 podcasts and getting work done. Chuck mentions hiring a new business coach for direct coaching and formal guidance.


Chuck talks about his plans for weekly meetings and podcast schedule. Chuck ask for advice on how to go about putting some on a full-time working schedule. Josh says since they already work for your just up their hours and commit to a step up level before a full-time position.


Josh and John talk about their employees at Simple Programmer and how were hired into their positions. Chuck talks about how he would eventually like his team work for him. Chuck talks about going to Micro Conf this year.


The EntreProgrammers talks about doing a get together of some sort with the EntreProgrammers Sub Group.  John says it was great to get away with no internet access during the cruise.


EntreProgrammers talk about how the new tax laws will affect them. Josh thinks it might be somewhat in his favor. More complexity and confusion? Josh talks about doing a 529 or a pass through. EntreProgrammers talks about drunk Uncle Sam and welfare. Chuck talks about his wishes for taxes and problems with the government tax rules.


Josh mentions liking the new Star Wars. More geek talk on Star Wars. EntreProgrammers talks about hiring geeky Star Wars fans. EntreProgrammers talks about Andy Weir, the writer of The Martian, and George Lucas.


Chuck ask what are the plans for Josh and John this year. Josh talk about some affiliate promotions and such. Josh talks about working with Manny.  Josh talks about breaking Manny’s website.


Chuck says for the next 6 months, he will be working out making the business grow. Josh talks more about pricing and sales templates. John and Josh talk about sales tactics and sending emails out to customers.

Thoughts for the Week

John – You have to have a plan, and force yourself to follow the plan.

Josh – Floundering…

Chuck – Keep moving forward