Episode 20 Josh’s Favorite Marketing Podcast

Episode 20 Josh’s Favorite Marketing Podcast

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

“You are the only person that has your experience so you should be sharing that with people.” Entreprogrammer Derick Bailey (Signalleaf.com Podcast Site)

And so it goes…

John has big news. Josh is M.I.A. You are the fly on the wall. This Master Mind Session is recorded live to share with you, promoting you living independently.

The Entreprogrammers begin their 20th episode of total transparency and complete vulnerability in the analytic arena of marketing, promotion and public relations.

John expresses, perhaps, having a 4th of July sale was a “bad thing.” Derick questions why have a 4th of July sale at all, especially in a global market where 70% of the world could care less about America’s independence.

Derick has a great way of proving his theory that having a sale is an arbitrary marketing strategy. His substantial proof, based on his children, will have you laughing your ___ off.

But the whole idea of living an independent life – and sharing it with you – is always at the heart and soul of The Entreprogrammers. It’s all about you.

Speaking of you, The Entreprogrammers now discuss their huge list of subscribers and how they continue to make it grow. How do these guys do it? Derick tells how, in detail. Josh tells how to determine cost per acquisition. Just how much does it cost to get 1 person to subscribe?

The McMethod Email Marketing Podcast


The Entreprogrammers have given this podcast a rather high rating. So, let’s have a listen…shall we?

Author, SitePoint editor, Entreprogrammer, Josh Earl said it is his “favorite marketing podcast”…you can take that to the bank.

What is the Title of John’s New Book?

Another thing you can take to the bank is John’s book – he finished writing it.

His editors and consultants have their hands on it now – stay tuned for a book launch coming your way in the form of 73 chapters and about 150,000 words.

In John’s words, “That’s a lot of work!”

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