Episode 199 “Consulting Talk with Rick”

We’re Live ! Josh and Chuck speak with special guest, Ricky of the Poodle Team. Josh mentions that John is on a cruise with no internet connection. Josh and Chuck talk with Rick about the funny name of the subgroup Poodle Team.

Rick explains how the team came up with the team name. Josh talks about not having time to participate in the team mixer. Chuck and Rick talk about when they first met at the code camp conference.

Rick talks about running a software consulting company in Salt Lake City. Rick talks about his entrepreneurial background and the shifts into new ideas. Rick says he hates doing the consulting business. But he is trying to start another business along with this.

EntreProgrammers talks about how to grow a business with Rick. Josh ask who are his customers currently. Rick mentions he focus on higher education and interactive games. Rick talks about 3D mapping and the interactive projects.

Rick talks about the frustrations he encounters while building his consulting business. Josh and Chuck give advice. Josh asked if he is exploring new niches.

EntreProgrammers talk about how their sales work and signing contracts. Josh talks about working in Higher education, and how shifting to a different industry would help Rick make more money doing the same thing.

Josh talks about the dysfunctional operations at a higher education level. It is like corporate on steroids. Josh talks about the work he was doing at TrackAbout. Rick mentions moving to Healthcare and the difference in operations in that industry. Josh tells a story about doing SharePoint development.

Josh talks about Lifers. Josh asks Rick about his specialization. Rick says he is excellent at picking out what the customers need in a program and sending that to programmers. Josh asks Rick what was his most successful project or client.

Josh talks about his role and expectations versus Johns role and expectations in the business. EntreProgarmmers talk about being in control and making their own money and being an entrepreneur. Josh talks about switching out industries and not wanting to go back to a regular job. Chuck says he agrees and knows how to build a business.

The EntreProgarmmers talks about the strategies to get a job. Chuck mentions setting up interviews for CES and trying to get sponsors to fund the trip. Chuck talks about the coming conferences and how he is lining up sponsorships to fund the trips to the conferences. Chuck mentioned tactics from the book Pragmatic Thinker.
Josh and Chuck talk about the skills needed to build a business with Rick. Chuck talks about investing in camera equipment the plans for conferences. Chuck talks about travel costs and expense cutting with a service.

Chuck talks about his Drip account and his other needs in the new year. Chuck says he is getting emails about Elixer and React Podcasts, and particularly the View. Chuck says he has been doing all the Indiegogo for the upcoming shows. Josh says he loves WooCommerce.

Josh says he has been converting their views to a streaming version. Also, they finally got their audiobook is on the market. Josh is off next week.

Thoughts for the Week

Chuck – Take some time for the family

Josh – Mental Adjustments

Rick – All it takes is all you got.