Episode 198 “People Flexing” 

Episode 198 “People Flexing” 


We’re live! Josh points out most people have profiles pictures of themselves in the driver seats of their cars. Chuck talks about acquiring sponsorship for NG Conf Atlanta. So his idea to get it paid for is working out. Chuck talks about the logistics of the sponsorship and possibly getting a DSLR camera for the recording.


Josh jokes about the details of Chuck’s sponsorship. Chuck talks about doing professional videos for the interviews. Chuck discusses what the rest of the sponsorships could look like for the upcoming conferences.


Josh asks about recurring bill for the sponsors on Chuck’s network. Chuck talks about how the billing is set up for the sponsors. Chuck talks about the analytics he wants to incorporate into his sponsorship program.


Chuck talks about his sponsor Linode and possibly getting Digital Ocean onboard for sponsoring trips instead of podcasts episodes. Also, so up to the minute updates on sponsoring individual sponsors on the Dev Chat TV podcast network.


Chuck talks about how the new hire is working out as far as booking  guests for episodes. Chuck says he is booked out far in advance for most of the big show on Dev Chat TV. Chuck talk about having a social media person do the postings and sharing. Chuck says this social media person is hired to help with the growth of the podcasts in general.


Chuck talks more about starting new shows or React and getting funding by Indiegogo or crowdfunding. Chuck talks about the ideas for growth starting new shows. Josh says he is excited about Chuck’s business and the growth is really starting to pick up.


Chuck says this all happening because he is not self-sabotaging and realizing he can make his business grow. Chuck talks about his success goals for the upcoming year. Chuck mention he turned 38 this past week.


John talks about doing more affiliate launches and getting their new hires to do SEO. Josh talks about the gift for programmers launch and traffic.  Josh talks about traffic and details with Amazon.  Josh and John talk about the commission structure of Amazon.


Josh talks about search volume and search ranking with Amazon. Also some optimization talk with Google and analytics. Josh talk about Manny’s book summaries. Josh talks about writing emails in real-time.


Josh talks about his email marketing strategy this past week, despite some challenges and wins. Chuck asked if this is going through a Plinko machine.


Josh talks about experimenting with offering a bonus and not offering a bonus. He learns the bonus does not matter.


Josh talks about how nobody watches the video that was in an email. But the sales came from Youtube. Josh talks about doing giveaways and other kinds of lead generation ideas.

Thought for the week

Chuck –  Do the stuff you know you need to do. Put the system in place.

Josh – Do a Colby test… or an assessment test of sorts