Episode 197 “Die Trying”

Episode 197  “Die Trying”

We’re are alive! EntreProgrammers joke about ending on episode 199 with some cliffhangers. EntreProgarmmers talk about BS TV show endings that suck.

John mentions hiring a new SEO person and soon a writer to join Simple Programmer. Josh talks but some new on search formats on Google mobile. Josh says this is a tactic from Google to only click on Google Ads, rather than clicking through to actual sites.

Josh talks about, what if ISPs charges to be on YouTube. Thinning of the herd or channels. John says you need to be willing to take the anti-fragile approach and adapted to the changes.

Chuck talks about government or FCC control of the internet. John talks about how monopolies work when you are a billionaire. EntreProgarmmers discuss government control of the internet and the talk about net neutrality. John further gives his thought on new neutrality and herd mentality.

Josh mentions a death threat at Simple Programmer. But, generally a great month for product sales and launches. John and Josh talk about the book sales and finally seeing the revenue this month. John mentions reading the book Profit First. John mentions that they already have been taking profits first in Simple Programmer.

Josh talks about taking a budget amount for themselves for business expenses and payroll. John asks, where can we put our money to grow the revenue since expenses are low at the time. John talks about growing the company to the point where your hires are hiring people.

Johns said that were trying to launch the audiobook next week, but it looks unlikely. Audible has some other plans to review the book before it is published. EntreProgrammers discuss the Kindle and Audible books and how to choose to publish.

Chuck talks about being sick and not being able to send out important emails. Also, some talks about getting support on Patreon for some new launches conference and podcasts.

Chuck talks about possibly selling The Freelancer’s Show. Chuck mentions the new features on Podwrench and the slick automation functions. Chuck talks about hiring Michelle, to help with booking podcasts guest for the shows. Also a new hire for social media stuff.

Chuck mention moving to the app called Convo, instead of Slack. Chuck also mentions doing some work for growing the podcast business. Chuck mentions that Linode also renewed for the rest of the year.

Chuck talks about reaching the NG Atlanta and Angular conference to do some interview for Angular podcasts. Chuck talks about his plans to interview at conferences and do networking in the next year.

Chuck talks about learning about the Netty Pot and cleaning out sinus. Chuck talks about plugging away to find great hires. Looking for people who don’t need to be managed

Thoughts of the Week

Chuck – It hurts to move up to the top.

Josh – Trying to help people remove barriers.

John – Project forward 5 years a decision. No matter what you do, you’re going to get burned. So you might as well make a decision, rather do nothing.