Episode 196 “Money Is Good”

Episode 196 “Money Is Good”

We’re Live. John says it was weird to be live with a shirt on. John recaps the “Cyber” Monday sales, with 17K in the bag. Josh gives details report on the task he executed during the sales. The revenue generated is 7K more than last year. Also, some reports of the sales on from their products on Plural Sight. Most of which were renewals of subscriptions to Plural Sight.


Surprisingly, John mentions a good turn out on the offers on the Sublime email list. Josh and John discuss the tactics and strategies used to maximize sales implementing urgency and discount to the email list. John and Josh talk about the receipts turn-ins for offerings on bonus material. John talks about controlling the deals and offering a good enough deal to make it work.


Josh talks about the spam control or spam complaints to the email lists. Josh talks about not being afraid to email. John talks about capturing John’s voice in the ad copy or email he is writing for Simple Programmer.


John talks about transcribing some of the videos on YouTube for repurposing material for other products. John talks about Rodrigo trying to emulate the way John says things. John mentions doing a live stream about asking him anything.


Josh mentions that strangely the affiliate list is working, when several months ago with seems not likely. John talks about having lunch with Noah Kagan. John talks about reaching out to possibly become a consultant.


John talks about onboarding a new hire and getting the new writer. John talks about being transparent with the writer. John talks about while doing the live stream, someone was asking out they can get a job at Simple Programmers. John talks about showing value before hiring someone.


Chuck mentions that someone has just offered to take The Freelancer’s Show off Chuck’s hands. Chuck talks about the issues on the backend services on the podcast network. Chuck mentions growing the podcast audience.


John talks about the negotiations for selling the podcast show. Basically, John says you will have to be excited to sell it for price X.  Josh says not to sell short, because of all the emails and traffic attached to the show currently.


John suggests doing a partnership/owning the show with this person. This way if it continues to grow, so will your (Chuck’s) business.  Chuck says he is still thinking about this idea, and he may be interested in dollars.


Chuck says his podcast sponsorship app is ready to use and is currently being used for the current shows. Josh ask if Chuck has plans for a Python podcast. EntreProgrammers talk about the popular language people are using. Chuck gives a quick summary of where Python sits in the developing industry. Chuck says he wants to do shows on Machine Learning, Ai, Hollow lens, etc.


Chuck says that if he starts new shows, he has to figure out if he wants to be on them regularly.

John asks if Troy Hunt was on the Web Security podcast. Chuck mention sponsor want to sponsor the Web Security Warriors show but it has not been running lately.


Chuck says he is worried that things are going to go right. The fear of success is real. Chuck asked if there are ways to getting around this feeling of fear of success. John says that he fears more responsibility when things are growing. Chuck says he does not know what the blueprint looks like to help him get to the next level.


John says fear is because of the unknown. Chuck says his fear is that he might take 5 steps up, but tumble down even further. Josh says he fears running out of ideas. John talks about making choice on sub-optimal things.

Thoughts of the Week

John – Go full out. Go committed.

Josh – The offer is paramount…

Chuck –  There is nothing wrong with aiming high