Episode 195 “Are You a Bulldog or a Chew Toy”

Episode 195 “Are You a Bulldog or a Chew Toy”


EntreProgrammers share that they are getting sick during Thanksgiving. Chuck talks about knowing what his Christmas present is going to be this year. EntreProgrammers share their experience with cleaning meat smokers.


Chuck say his smoker should be medical equipment since he is on the Keto diet. Chuck talks about finding a great new hire who is willing to go beyond the task he needs. Josh mentions that when they ask questions you have to think about, then they are worth the time. Chuck’s new hire is hired for reaching out to potential podcasting and others podcast related tasks.


Chuck talks about how his new software is driving the processes for podcast scheduling and sponsor tasks. Josh and Chuck discuss emails and mailing list validation. Chuck talks about some topics and resources.


Chuck explains that he is still working on automating the process for the podcast production. It is on its way to being a well-oiled machine. John says they are in the process of looking for a writer for the Kindle book.


Josh and John talk about their applicants and the level of expertise they are looking for for the job. John says they may have found a great applicant, but they are looking further into the qualifications.


EntreProgrammers go into further discussion of content on the Simple Programmer channel and how this regards the political view of Simple Programmer. Chuck gets clarification that John is turning some of the videos on the Simple Programmer Youtube channel into ebooks for Kindle.


EntreProgrammers talks about pissing people off with the ideas and the things they say on their video and podcasts. Josh talks about a meme about the bulldog army created by John.


John talks about his holiday gift post. Josh talks about a Plural Sight quiz for rating your developer. You can check it out at simpleprogrammers.com/skill-iq. Josh explains how the quiz can help developers learn what skills they need to sharpen up on.


Josh talks about at the sales at Simple Programmer and the price experiment with a product.  Also some talks about an experiment with the printed book and Kindle book. Josh talks about a Sublime promotion to this particular list. Josh continues to talks about learning from Plural Sight.


John talks about working on some new courses soon.

Thoughts of the Week

Turkey messed up our brains…