Episode 194 “F-U I’m a Podcaster now! 

Episode 194 “F-U I’m a Podcaster now! 


We’re Live! Discussion about autoplay in progress. Chuck hates Thunderbolt 3 because there is nothing available for it. Apple trashing and Apple praising going on concerning the iPhone X and newer MacBook Pros. Josh talks about the wireless charging feature possible wiping out credit cards.


EntreProgrammers trash the chip feature on credit card or debit cards. Is it really faster? John says phones need a backup battery to help the Apple Pay feature works during emergencies.


John explains why he is sitting for the podcast. John talks about being Thor during the Disney marathon. John talks about carbing up and falling off the wagon.  All the challenges lead to John getting sick.


Publicly chair shame John about sitting down. John talks about affiliate deals or charging for ad copy. This would be Josh writhing copy for a separate business or project. EntreProgrammer talks about using stories in ad copy as a way to connect with the audience.


Chuck mentions that he is at Microsoft connect. Chuck mentions doing a lot of podcasts at the conference and meetups. The EntreProgrammers continue to talk about marketing strategies with working with outside business or placing ads in shows.


John talks about the hiring process for a ghostwriter at Simple Programmer. John is interested in ebooks and such types of products. John also talks about a new hire for Simple Programmer.


Chuck talk about being in NYC and making connections at Microsoft Connect. Chuck talks about missing a small thing on the Sponsorship signup. Chuck mentions wanting to know what is in the pipeline for the podcast shows.


Chuck is also in the market for hiring a college student to help with some of the tasks around dev chat tv business. Chuck talks about looking into finding more panelist for some of the show on his podcast network. Chuck explain his plans for upcoming events like NG Conf and other events.


Chuck mentions meeting David Spark and how he creates his content. Chuck says he might not have made enough progress this year. But next year might be a better year as far as getting things launched.


John talks about getting the audio back soon from the audio editor for the audiobook version. Josh gives some feedback on the sales on the Kindle site. John and Josh talk about the optimal price for the Kindle book.


Josh and Josh continue to talk about ways they can determine prices on the upcoming products and books.


John mentions that the recent book will be on Audible soon. They are expecting the get the editing audio back in December.

Thought for the Week!

Chuck –  You can’t always see progress in things, but don’t give up.

Josh – Creative is con-nectivity…

John – When you’re having a hard day, make it harder.