Episode 193 “Josh & Chuck Land” 

Episode 193 “Josh & Chuck Land” 


Josh and Chuck talk about their late start and new Apple hardware. Josh talk about his iPhone 8 plus and Kindle reading. Josh talks about selling his Apple Watch because some features do not work for him anymore since the latest iOS update.


Chuck talks about his Fitbit Blaze, and some talk about pebble watch features. John talks about open enrollment for health insurance and increasing premiums.


Josh further digs into the healthcare from the National Association for the Self Employed, with some surprises with a webinar type sales call.  Josh talks about the call and features of the plan, even though it sounded great.


Josh talks about digging up dirt on this healthcare company. Basically, Josh found out this was a scam after googling information on them. Josh talks about asking for 3 to 4 positive review on the company for the sales representative.


Josh talks about the high deductibles on current healthcare insurance.  Josh and Chuck talk about how the costs outweigh the purpose of health insurance.


Josh talks about dropping sales numbers at Simple Programmer. Josh talks about trying to find the source of the problem for dropping sales. Josh finds the traffic was generated by the free book offer.


Josh talk about doing some testing on lead magnets for the funnels.  Josh mentions he is going to test 20 different headlines. Josh also mentions that headline doesn’t make a difference.


Chuck talks about feeling stuck and dealing with being rear-ended and car insurance issues. Chuck also fixes an RSS feed on the podcast episodes. Chuck mentions finding a bug with Android.


Chuck talks about setting up websites for the dev summits for customers. Lots to do and no sleep.


Chuck talks about going to Microsoft Connect next week and possibly getting ahead on episodes for JavaScript Jabber and the others on his network. Chuck talks about having a rough time with car issues at home.


Josh suggests setting up things to help reduce all the tasks on his plate at the moment. Josh mentions he learned that Thrive cart will not work for them at Simple Programmer. Josh says they are moving to WooCommerce so they can have their own sales page. Also, it works with WordPress.

Thoughts of the Week!

Josh – Challenging assumptions…

Chuck – Sometimes the train goes off the tracks